Spring… Just a short astrological note

Beyond the Blue Horizon 

If you follow a daily column with 12 paragraphs of astrological predictions, please be aware that, of course, Sun plays a huge role in our life and, accordingly, in horoscope, but for us, as we are all inhabitants of the “sublunar world”, the location of Moon in horoscope has no less importance… Jupiter is the main planet in our Solar system and, I would say, more powerful in Astrology than Sun… Some sources say (and I find this opinion very interesting) that in fact Neptune in horoscope shows who we really are… Continue reading


Astrologer Suidas, Astronomer Halley, and other stargazers…

Picture P60Ho and Hi, the Drunk Astronomers

“Here lie the bodies of Ho and Hi,

Whose fate, though sad, was visible;

Being slain because they could not spy

Th’ eclipse which was invisible…”

The story of Ho and Hi may be a real or fiction since its author is unknown. However, it refers to the Solar Eclipse of 2136 BC or 2159 BC: the royal astronomers Ho and Hi were drunk and failed to predict the eclipse, so that the people did not prepare to drive away the dragon which caused the eclipse. The astronomers lost their heads… There are different ways to become famous. Continue reading