The raccoon is guilty of everything…

Picture P80This is not an astrological post but it is referring to the question which, in one form or another, we encounter almost every day. I decided to write it after the film Wakefield in the original, in Russia this film goes under the name The raccoon is guilty of everything… sounds curious, does not it? In total, this post is my own experience I would like to share; my two cents that maybe one day will help someone.

As I wrote many times, changes are always an integral part of our existence but the main problem is that they occur unevenly. You may feel that your partner, in business or your private life, is becoming a little different but you still remain the same and do not want to see any changes. Or you may aspire to something new but this causes irritation of others. Unfortunately, conflicts are inevitable.

I have only 3 rules on this point, they are very short and simple, although, sometimes it is not easy to follow them 🙂 nevertheless Continue reading


VUCA Astrology in VUCA World

Picture P50Summing up, I would say perhaps the case with November 8 Election Day was not one of most successful but it was certainly beneficial in terms of getting experience… To understand that the world is not the same anymore.

Technology has liberated our world and turned it into astounding VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, where the level of changes is so high and the rate of changes is so quick… Where anyone is absolutely free to share and implement ideas or can do something unexpected and outlandish… Become a President, for example, not because you have appropriate knowledge or strong experience but just because you have… ideas to inspire this world and people… and people want to be part of your ideas. Continue reading

Predictive Astrology: Possibility or Fiction

Picture P43Speaking about Predictive Astrology it would be better to refer to Archetypes and their enormous role in our everyday life: we never think of them, nevertheless we are unconsciously basing on Archetypes in all our steps and thoughts. They are an inseparable part we could not exist without and disappearance of Archetypes would mean the total destruction of the way of thinking. Despite some skeptics say Predictive Astrology as a phenomenon of Archetypes works in a similar way and as immortal as Archetypes themselves 🙂 in the sense that Astrology exists as long as there is our life. Continue reading

One embarrassing question: What is Astrology now

Picture P26There is nothing permanent in this world, and Astrology seems to be a very good example: it was a part of Religion in the Age of Taurus, a part of Philosophy in the Age of Aries. Timid attempts to keep Astrology in the mainstream as a part of Science in the Age of Pisces completely failed… Probably because Astrology is not a science from that point as we understand our science. Continue reading

Lost Ophiuchus

Picture P27Usually I try not to discuss Astrology with people who have to deal with Astronomy and find quite useless to talk about astronomical events with astrologers, amateurs or professionals, even though some of them demonstrate good astronomical skills. But from time to time various exceptions occur and one of them took place last summer when I visited a planetarium. I was going to see a film but unexpectedly met a local consultant and, that was completely surprising, our conversation somehow turned to the zodiac. Continue reading

Как пробудить идеи или 7 признаков творческой личности

Picture P11Чем больше вы занимаетесь привычным для вас делом, тем больше получаете то, что уже имеете! А творческий подход требует постоянного копания в себе, чтобы создавать больше новых, продуктивных, инновационных, меняющих жизнь идей, которые смогут принести в вашу жизнь улучшения. Здесь указаны 7 основных признаков творческого подхода, но даже если вы начнете практиковать один или два из них, вы почувствуете себя настоящим творцом и сможете уменьшить влияние негативных составляющих.  Continue reading