Upcoming Celestial Performance 2020 at 22° of Capricorn

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Without words 🙂

This post can be an addition to the previous one since there was a mention of planned Saturn – Pluto conjunction. The last Saturn – Pluto conjunction that took place on November 8, 1982, was some point of no return, approach to this point can be seen here https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2018/09/13/another-excellent-celestial-performance/

The upcoming conjunction on January 12, 2020 looks… quite unusual since this is not a conjunction in one sign but a stellium in one deg, honestly, I see this for the first time 🙂  Continue reading


Different Faces of Saturn


Saturn in Capricorn


Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Capricorn, the Hermit (VIIII)

Interestingly that in papers of the medieval alchemists and astrologers the Hermit as a concept was not practically mentioned… But there was another common Archetype, The Pilgrim.

It is also an interesting fact that a rather painful combination with Saturn in Capricorn plus Pluto in Crab were moving in the early 30s of the last century, the most severe stage of the Great Depression in the USA. Now Saturn and Pluto are moving together in Capricorn and will conjunct on January 12, 2020. Saturn – Pluto conjunction does not happen often, about once every ~35 years.

Saturn in Libra, Justice (VIII)  

…And even if the whole world perishes, Justice will prevail!

Saturn in Virgo

The global financial crisis 2008 – 2009… We will teach you how to live within your means… Continue reading

Events and Symbols: and just Neptune in November 2018

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and just Neptune…

This post can be an addition to the previous one, a few more words about Neptune which is now moving right in the middle of Pisces, actually on the peak.

Neptune is a social planet, one of the most complex planets to predict in both Mundane and Predictive Astrology. The complexity is that Neptune is quite diverse and in similar cases it can behave completely different.

Moving in Aquarius Neptune presented us plenty of fantastic ideas such as Facebook, Twitter, iPhone etc. which perceptibly transformed our world, our reality… Well, I speak about coincidence, I mean when Neptune moved in Aquarius, we got these amazing ideas. In this blog I always talk only about coincidences, okay? 🙂

Neptune in Pisces is super strong. I cannot describe this Archetype in one word but I personally associate it with the following

…They run about all over with the mirror, till at last there was not a country or a person which had not been seen in this distorting mirror. They even wanted to fly up to heaven with it but the higher they flew, the more it grinned, so much that they could hardly hold it, and at last it slipped out of their hands and fell to the earth, shivered into hundreds of millions and billions of bits… Some of these bits were not as big as a grain of sand, and these flew about all over the world, getting into people’s eyes, and, once in, they stuck there, and distorted everything they look at or made them see everything that was amiss… – The Snow Queen by H. C. Andersen  Continue reading

The Play that goes right…

Picture P133

Neptune and Pisces

This is not a real celestial performance but, I guess, a rare astrological case which we will see very soon when more than 3 (!) planets simultaneously move in their own Houses. It might be interesting because, as I wrote recently, in terms of Astrology, Planet in Zodiac sign = Archetype, or a thoughtform. If the planet is located in its own House, the thoughtform is supposed to manifest in the most strong and proper way.

Imagine a play with the main heroes… If they are reflected in Archetypes, for example, using the Tarot cards (Major Arcana), on November, 26th we will see on stage

the Hierophant (Jupiter in Sagittarius), the Hermit (Saturn in Capricorn), the Chariot (Venus in Libra), the Moon (Moon in Crab), and just Neptune the God (Neptune in Pisces)… intriguing enough, isn’t it? 🙂

Later, when Venus leaves the stage, on January 20th a new hero will appear, the Magician (Mars in Aries), the rest of the composition is unchanged.

And finally, at the end of May – in early June, the play will be over with the same Hierophant, Hermit, Neptune plus the Empress (Mercury in Gemini).

Hope, the play will go right… 🙂 just in case, the portraits of the heroes are attached below, so that you will recognize them. Continue reading

Events and Symbols: Mercury affairs in October 2018

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Different Faces of Mercury

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

Getting to Mercury is very difficult. So difficult that fewer spacecraft have visited Mercury than have visited Saturn. On October 20th, the BepiColombo spacecraft, a joint European-Japanese mission to Mercury, rocketed away from Earth to begin its seven-year trek to the innermost planet. At least, something positive in October 2018 🙂 okay, it flew away while we stayed here…

Last month I wrote Earthlings are astoundingly inattentive. In most cases they are too busy with themselves to pay attention to something else. However, sometimes they can wake from a stupor, make big eyes and say: Wow, what a coincidence… but this happens not so often. It is for this reason Astrology is developing on Earth with such difficulties and obstacles. It would be easier to study the influence of stars in the deep cosmos 🙂 it is a little joke but on Earth, in most cases, the influence effect is felt so subtle that for some time changes may remain simply imperceptible. Continue reading

Autumn… Celebrate the Astrology Night

Picture P131The Moon Night was on October 20th when astronomy clubs across the world invited to view the Moon at the star parties.

Some astrologers propose March 20 as a Day of Astrology… hmmm, pretty commonplace, I would say. It only once again reveals the patterns of thought in the modern Astrology and absolute lack of new ideas 😦 as if nothing happened over the past 2000 years and people have not accumulated new experience…

I do not say that all new ideas are good but they are simply vital. We definitely need something special on this occasion. For a start, it would be better to choose not Day, but Night, the Astrology Night. Autumn, the Sun in Scorpio. October 30 looks pretty well, Astrology Night – Halloween – All Saints’ Day.

Well, it might be a joke but it was born because of disappointment… because of what is accepted by the society for Astrology today probably closer to Halloween. Please, remember and share with your friends and neighbors, the world is not exactly like you imagine. Astrology is primarily based on the Principle of Personal Exclusivity, thereby

any kind of Horoscopes on public sources

so called Sun sign predictions (although it should be recognized, in 1930 it was a coup in a sense)

bad and good days calendars (except for the solar activity and magnetic storms)

and other evil spirits

have “zero” connection to the reality in general, and particularly to Astrology. Do not waste time in vain, it never goes back!

Events and Symbols: Indian Summer in September 2018

Very appropriate song

In September the stars are probably pending… The equinox Sun crosses the sky’s equator, going from north to south… At night the Milky Way flows quietly, bisects the starry sky… The low planetary parade smoothly rises as soon as darkness falls…

People are astoundingly inattentive. Usually they do not notice what is shown just in front of their eyes. Mainly because they are concentrated on their own EGO. They permanently grow EGO, day by day, they strengthen EGO, everybody wants to rule the world! But if they feel that the situation is beyond their control (very often, by the way) they say, this happened randomly… They are used to say, this happened randomly… People think, so many random in our world. I am personally convinced that the last randomness disappeared at that time when the God separated Light from Darkness 🙂 but people still say that this plane is shot down accidentally… And something became known by pure chance… This one is accidental… That one is accidental… Very strange to hear this, especially from those who are definitely sure that they rule the world!

Hey, did someone pay attention to such coincidence 🙂 on October 30, 2016, a Black Moon rose https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/october-30-black-moon/ and, just in a few days, Donald Trump appeared to the world as Mr. American President? In my experience, the Black Moon is something like The Play That Goes Wrong.

If you know, please, share with me…

Picture P130I also collect info on how the principles of Astrology are embodied in our everyday life, for example, the Architecture of cities, or in various artifacts, such as Pražský orloj in Prague…

If you know such info, please, share with me, it will be appreciated very much! Or if you have or maybe plan to write a post on this topic, please, let me know, I will be very glad to reblog. Contact me in the comment below or directly by using Contact Us.

Many thanks in advance! 

Another excellent Celestial Performance

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Starry starry night…

I like studying unusual planets combinations, I mean the astrological patterns which are the result of the rare combinations, and then I compare them with what happened on Earth at that time. I call such patterns Celestial Performances.

Often the performance is quite harmless and brings almost nothing at first sight https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/celestial-performance-with-a-total-conjunction-in-pisces/

But sometimes they can be very painful, like this one https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/celestial-performance-with-moon/

And here it is, one more interesting day, in terms of Astrology. 15–October–1982, that day the heavens looked Continue reading

Events and Symbols: the Saros series with triple eclipses completed in August 2018

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Hokusai says: there is no end to seeing…

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

This was the first time when I so diligently followed the series with triple eclipses (SE July 13 – LE July 27 – SE August 11) and would say, it was an interesting experience. It would be certainly desirable that the events would not be so intense but the triple eclipses obviously bring a lot more stress, confusion and heavy emotions in life, especially if the other planets cling additional aspects, as it was in our case

Pluto (R) OPP Solar Eclipse on July 13

Mars (R) CONJUN Lunar Eclipse on July 27

Even if fortunately there was nothing bad happened during this period in particular with you, as I can see, many people experienced anxiety, inexplicable fatigue, or hopelessness. News somehow did not reassure, they seem to say: And what is the reason for joy?

The key problem is that under such a pressure, real or subconscious, people often begin to think that the troubles will never end… they have come forever. But it is not the case. For sure, the tension begins to decrease, although the consequences of this triple will be kept at least until the end of the year. As a remedy for recovery, I would advise… something positive 🙂 yeah, I am not original 🙂 new impressions, tasty food, something that you enjoy, or   Continue reading