Events and Symbols: the Heroes in July 2018

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The coach Akkapol from Thailand and his cute little wild boars

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

The soccer theme was somehow incredibly active in July. First off, it concerned FIFA World Cup 2018… but not only. It is not about a famous player from Portugal, Brazil or France but about a very few people known soccer coach from Thailand. I was impressed with this story so much that decided to write it down.

The soccer coach Akkapol lost his parents when he was a child, and from the age of 12 he lived in a Buddhist monastery. However, several years ago he returned to his relatives in a small Thai village where he got a job as an assistant soccer coach in a children’s club. The club is called Wild Boars, by the way.

At the end of June 12 pupils of this club went on an excursion, Akkapol was with them as an accompanying. About what happened next it is already written a lot, so I will skip the exciting part of search and rescue and just write about what struck me personally. Continue reading


July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse, or the rare case of Sun, Moon, and Mars

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The Secret Life of Pets: most cultures have Moon Rabbit

From the point of view of Astronomy, a Lunar Eclipse is no more than a complementary product to a Solar Eclipse. It is something like a derivative since the geometry of eclipses is such that a Lunar Eclipse always appears and accompanies any Solar Eclipse. So I did not pay much attention to the effects of Lunar Eclipses, in my opinion, new Moon in Mundane Astrology is weightier than full Moon 🙂 I think that Lunar Eclipses make more sense in Predictive Astrology if they fall in the natal charts or appear in progressions.

But the case when the Lunar Eclipse is accompanied by Mars in the opposition (in the sky Mars will be visible right next to the eclipsing Moon), while Mars itself is in retrograde motion, can be considered astrological rarity. It is just a heavenly performance, Mars as if backing away hits the eclipsing Moon, a really rare occurrence. A few days later on July 31st is Mars’ closest approach to Earth. Suppose, such performance cannot pass without leaving a trace on Earth, especially if this combination aspects your natal chart… like mine where the Lunar Eclipse aspects… Uranus, hmmm. I will leave a comment here if I do something stunning at this moment. Perhaps with this case there is a suitable time to look at the Lunar Eclipses more closely 🙂  Continue reading

July 13 & August 11 Partial Solar Eclipses in USA

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The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

The current situation looks rather contradictory… On the one hand, everything that Mr. American President touches causes conflict… that is totally in the spirit of Uranus. On the other hand, the general trends are quite friendly, Mr. American President is just lucky to be the president during the rise of the new Saros cycle.

Let’s consider the results of the previous 1S Solar Eclipse

As expected, these patterns meant resignation, though not as loud as I thought 🙂 on March 13, Mr. American President announced that he fired Mr. Secretary of State, hmmm… The resignation coincided with the pattern of the Solar Eclipse itself. The second one came on July, 5 when Mr. American President’s scandal EPA chief submitted his resignation letter, not an outstanding case but…

Okay, let’s see what awaits us further Continue reading

July 13 & August 11 Partial Solar Eclipses in Mundane Astrology

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The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

FIFA World Cup 2018 has made a new face for Putin’s Russia. Oil prices now are also in perfect order. The question of sanctions is already so ordinary that no one can exactly remember who applies them: the West to Russia or Russia to the West. Obviously, everybody has adapted to them and there are no serious commotions in this regard… So, 1S Solar Eclipse should be recognized for Russia as 100 percent complete

For the next few months we have got as many as 2 patterns  Continue reading

July 13 & August 11 Partial Solar Eclipses: 2N old & 2N new

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Uranus: so beautiful and wild

The case with dual Solar Eclipses is very interesting in Astrology, at least for me, mainly because it is not entirely clear how to work with it 🙂 the dual Solar Eclipses occur when one of the Saros series gradually uses its resource but the cycle cannot continue working with a gap, so a new series is formed exactly in this place and bit by bit replaces the old series. This is a very thought-out kind of wheel, almost an example of perpetual motion… 🙂

But we have got dual different patterns in fact for one occasion in space, omniscient Ptolemy somehow wrote nothing on this point… This is to the question of how much his vision still remains relevant to the modern Astrology.

Okay, let’s try to figure it out. Continue reading

Events and Symbols: Failures in June 2018

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Be careful when Semisquare works, especially with the “heavy” planets

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

June looks as if the whole month passed through Neptune Semisquare Uranus. Regardless the planets did not aspect my natal chart this time, I repeatedly encountered completely unexpected difficulties. I suppose, most people could have caught the impact of this aspect in this or that way since it is rather slow and probably appeared in all charts of the Lunar Returns. Worse is that it got into my personal Solar Return as I am Gemini… so I am tied to this aspect for a year 🙂

I already wrote about June 12 Singapore Rendezvous, it seems, as a result, it poured out just in info hype, as well as it was expected

June G7 summit, Singapore summit, they were a pure waste of time for everyone involved, full of worthless obligations and promises! Continue reading

June 12 Singapore Rendezvous

Picture P108Singapore is a terrific city, I once went there on a trip and was full of impressions! The only thing I now regret that I did not have enough time to visit the local Zoo… So I dream of returning back again, especially for the Zoo 🙂 I added a couple of pictures to this post which I made during that trip… Shining memories!

I see Mr. American President knows how to choose the right places for his meetings but what about the right days… In general, I would say, in the daily work many of his events fall on extremely unfortunate days, from the astrological point of view… So he is often haunted by ghosts 🙂 it is a joke. But he definitely needs the advice of an astrologer.

For example, June 12. A try to arrange, let’s say, an outstanding meeting. The meeting of the 21st century! First it was planned and then canceled out of a clear sky. After that I was interested in the day itself, especially when, as they reported, the meeting is being prepared again (??? 🙂 )

We do not know the scheduled time but believe me, it is unimportant here. Whatever they choose the time, it will not correct the result. Suppose, they meet at noon Continue reading

Events and Symbols: He is here again and betting in May 2018

Picture P33Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

After Him, we can have only… Him.

In general it would be interesting to explore May 7 Coronation Inauguration Day, from the astrological point of view, however, there is a real problem to define the right time. An unwritten Russian tradition says that a new Presidential period sets up since that moment when a potential candidate utters the last word of the oath (???), should we track this with a stopwatch? The astrological calculations demand more clarity than this typically Russian approach.

May was very fussy… for Mr. American President too. But here we can more accurately say that Mr. American President’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal somehow coincided exactly with Jupiter OPP Sun. Continue reading

Events and Symbols: Nibiru in April 2018

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

In April 2018, the planet Nibiru manifested itself, again. Not in the sky, of course, but I am surprised to find that the X Planet truly exists… in the imagination of a huge number of people. And exists so strongly that perhaps one day it will really materialize somewhere nearby 🙂

I am just curious about this phenomenon. Many times (!!) lots of experts (!!!) informed of all possible evidence that there is no such planet or the similar kind. Even I once wrote about

But, as they say, this never happened but here again.  Continue reading