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I believe if one fine day you took a decision to open a personal blog, you had your own reason for that. As to this blog, its main target is to find like-minded people, who are interested in the same ideas and, in turn, they will be ready to share their thoughts. A modern blog, in my opinion, is not an endless monologue of a certain person, better if it is a place for a comfortable communication process.

On the face of the blog it looks like about Astrology… But actually it is about Us, our Society, Relationships and Opportunities. I try to combine both Astrology & Astronomy to more clearly understand how the stars contribute our life: how things were, how they are and how they are yet to be.

The main subjects I try to explore

Archetypes https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/archetypes/

Saros cycle https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/saros-cycle/

by using WAC principle (Watch, Analyze and Compare)

Please join me, I will be happy to find here your ideas, comments or questions. I am polite, I promise 🙂 as to my own purpose, it is very simple: I would like to know who we are and why we are here © Stephen Hawking.

After several posts in Russian I decided to try writing in English though I am not sure that my English is perfect… Please apologize for my mistakes in the case of any 🙂

I am open to suggestions, mutual projects (including consulting), or just new ideas, so please do not hesitate to contact me by Contact Us.




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