Spring… Just a short astrological note

Beyond the Blue Horizon 

If you follow a daily column with 12 paragraphs of astrological predictions, please be aware that, of course, Sun plays a huge role in our life and, accordingly, in horoscope, but for us, as we are all inhabitants of the “sublunar world”, the location of Moon in horoscope has no less importance… Jupiter is the main planet in our Solar system and, I would say, more powerful in Astrology than Sun… Some sources say (and I find this opinion very interesting) that in fact Neptune in horoscope shows who we really are… And surely, it is logically impossible to make predictions without knowing the location of Saturn… The location of Uranus is necessary to know what is going to happen to us today… We need also Mars to understand how it will work… Besides this, I always consider where Venus in woman’s horoscope and Mercury in man’s horoscope are located…The power of Pluto is so enormous that it must necessarily take into account in horoscope… And for a complete picture we just need Nodes… Now it is ok… Probably, we can try to predict.


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