February 15 Solar Eclipse in USA

No, Mr. American President cannot get out of turbulence where he got stuck on January 20, 2017… But I think that was a really tough pattern to simply wave it away https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/january-20-inauguration-day/ Owing to it, Mr. American President continues to be in a status of a permanent Object https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2017/07/27/august-21-solar-eclipse-in-usa/ on the one hand, he is an important figure in the investigation, in addition now he is a superhero of Fire and Fury… I mean the book. Joking aside but sooner or later any status comes to an end.

By the way… Recently I thought if Mr. American President leaves the White House ahead of time, how his leaving might look from the astrological point of view… and came to the conclusion that some kind of impeachment process or something similar will not be explicit in astrological charts. Most likely, his leaving will look like… a castling. Continue reading


February 15 Solar Eclipse in Mundane Astrology

Picture P98Mr. Russian President is “…a very devout strong guy” © Stuttgarter Zeitung, the German newspaper

As I already wrote, the last six-month period was enormously important for Mr. Russian President, from the astrological point of view. It could be either a kind of task or a kind of test, something like summing up. A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together. You can behave yourself as you like, act as you see fit, but keep in mind that the path of life is not a straight line but a cyclic one and does not allow infinite expansion. Sooner or later all of us meet some turning points, such small moments of truth to realize what we really are. Who is Mr. Putin? The answer can be found in his turning points and the results corresponding to them. At least, two grand results of his long reign are available now Continue reading

February 15 Partial Solar Eclipse: 1S

Picture P97In early January 2018 the Swiss newspaper Le Temps wrote that the world economy should feel good in 2018, having won from an exceptional impulse of 2017. A year ago everyone expected the worst, everyone waited for a rebound back. However, on the contrary, the positive dynamics were established, and new technologies take an increasingly important place in our daily life, reinforcing the idea that a new Era has begun…

Honestly, I do not believe when I hear that the economy owes its growth to Mr. American President’s genius, and Mr. Russian President raises the oil prices by the power of his thoughts. I believe that in many respects the current revival is due to the fact that we have opened a new page in our life. We entered into a New cycle, and at this stage we have got new opportunities.

Now 1N Solar Eclipse impulse is replaced by 1S. 1S is not so strong, in essence, it is neutral with a pattern where Mercury is the dominant planet, to be exact Continue reading

August 21 Solar Eclipse in USA

I think the video above might be an appropriate addendum to the previous post https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/february-26-solar-eclipse-in-usa/

You do not need to be an astrologer to understand that Mr. American President is going through a very difficult period, maybe the most difficult in his life. He is in insufferable turbulence, something still depends on him but something is already beyond of his control… Continue reading

August 21 Solar Eclipse in Predictive Astrology

Picture P72“But Ghosts do not exist…” – Mr. Film Director said to Mr. Russian President. “Do you really think so?” – Mr. Russian President asked him and… disappeared (the shortest film in the world)

First, I would like to note that from the astrological point of view the nearest six-month period is of enormous importance for Mr. Russian President since he appeared to this world as the first person of Russia during the previous 1N Solar Eclipse. According to my astrological experience, there can be such kind of phenomenon in the Saros series as… I would say… “the interception of an event”. It means that if an event is sufficiently extended in time, it is somehow connected with that series of Eclipse which coincides, and next Eclipse of the same series often gives a new impulse to this event.

Well, Mr. Russian President was amazing us during the whole Saros cycle long. I would say, it was his incredible journey. He has achieved everything he wanted and now he is on the top. In recent months he “came out of the cold” and now he is “the most powerful man in the world”. Just unbelievable! So… what next? What else to wish? What can happen next? Next… Continue reading

August 21 Total Solar Eclipse: 1N

Picture P71Honestly, I am really looking forward to this day. People do not like changes… because of the uncertainty, but despite all the difficulties that we can face, this day is a special day that marks the beginning of going forwards to a new stage in the Time cycle. Your personal cycle, depending on the progressions of your natal Moon, may differ from the Saros cycle; nevertheless, most people will feel changes in life in the next 2–3 years. It can be quite a small change, for example, something that inspired you yesterday, will leave completely indifferent tomorrow, but it is very very important because actually it is the way to change our preferences, priorities and, accordingly, our life.

This 1N Solar Eclipse is the first in the third and closing Saros cycle in the Leo sign (28° Leo) that is a bridge of the transition to the influence of the Virgo power Continue reading

Climate in astrological Terms

Picture P62The situation is getting almost crazy and looks like that only someone very lazy does not discuss the global warming. I have also decided to put my two cents in the discussion and add my own idea on this point… An astrological idea, of course, that the precession – the change in orientation of the Earth’s rotational axis – can significantly affect the Earth’s climate. To explain we should begin with Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle, who was the only authority in Science for nearly two millennia. Continue reading

Astrologer Suidas, Astronomer Halley, and other stargazers…

Picture P60Ho and Hi, the Drunk Astronomers

“Here lie the bodies of Ho and Hi,

Whose fate, though sad, was visible;

Being slain because they could not spy

Th’ eclipse which was invisible…”

The story of Ho and Hi may be a real or fiction since its author is unknown. However, it refers to the Solar Eclipse of 2136 BC or 2159 BC: the royal astronomers Ho and Hi were drunk and failed to predict the eclipse, so that the people did not prepare to drive away the dragon which caused the eclipse. The astronomers lost their heads… There are different ways to become famous. Continue reading

February 26 Solar Eclipse in USA

Fast and Furious

At first let’s check the previous chart


My teacher in Astrology said that mundane charts should be very simple in interpretation and in many cases they are very close to the “accurate” meaning of what is happening. It really so with this chart, now we know its exact interpretation Continue reading