News, Events and Symbols, December 2017

Picture P93Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

In the beginning I would like to put a rather significant event. Though to be exact, this is not an Event. Events imply a certain number of actions, but in this case actions as such are very few. Probably, all action is only to remove the signboard from one house and hang it on the other. Nevertheless, it has huge resonance all over the world and storm of emotions! Because this is not an Event but a Symbol. Symbols or Archetypes are some thoughtforms that deeply affect our thoughts and feelings, more often unconsciously, and evoke strong emotions: joy, resentment, anger, disillusion and many others. Here on Earth we think that Money rules the world. In fact it is not so. The real rulers of the world are Symbols.

At the beginning of December Mr. American President recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Again, it was not an Event but Symbol, and it will have consequences, perhaps. more tangible than we can imagine now. It hit people’s heads and started working, quite possible, this is the very event that will continue to grow in the future. Jerusalem is an Archetype given by the Bible, and if you want to somehow change the situation with it, then first rewrite the Bible, otherwise it will constantly disturb lots of people. Okay, Mr. American President set fire to everything he could. Although, if tomorrow Mr. American President says: Yes, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel but I did not mean the whole city… This will certainly lower the degree of stress.

However, let’s return to New Moon charts. Continue reading


Almost Christmas gift: Oumuamua

Picture P92Arthur Clarke once wrote: Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. Maybe that is why we are so vigilant and always ready to consider any object of a slightly unusual shape on the Earth or in the space for the aliens or their spacecraft. The news about the “evidence” of the aliens’ visit to the Earth fly the Internet almost every day, but they hardly represent real interest. Nevertheless, this time the situation is a bit different.

To date, about 750 thousand asteroids and comets have been found but all of them, presumably, originated in the Sun’s orbit and never flew away from it really far. But the observations of this object showed that it moves along an unclosed hyperbolic trajectory (the image below), this means that the object flew from outside of our Solar system and will soon leave it. The space object was first discovered on October 19, 2017. The name Oumuamua was chosen by the Pan-STARRS team who discovered the asteroid, in Hawaiian it means something like the stranger who arrived first from afar, and the letter I in the full designation 1I/Oumuamua was introduced for the first time and stands for interstellar. So, Oumuamua is the first and so far the only interstellar space object discovered in the Solar System. Continue reading

What was New for November 2017

Picture P90Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

I would like to find a way to show how Astrology can be practically realized in life… without any questionable manipulations, crazy fantasies and psychological tricks. So, my WAC principle (Watch, Analyze and Compare) which I use in Astrology is very simple and available to everyone: I define an event, I make an astrological chat, and then I observe how it works in life. Of course, I cannot yet say that it gives 10 out of 10 but… 🙂 I continue to work and besides, to me it is very exciting to forecast and observe.

How it usually happens, for example… Currently I look after two mundane charts; they both are about Russia and based on New Moon. New Moon is a turning point in Astrology, it is similar to the Lunar Return in predictive Astrology. In one word, it is a key to unfold the story. New Moon on November 18th formed the following chart Continue reading

Loving Vincent

Picture P87Loving Vincent is an astounding film. I would also like to do something… for Vincent. I have never done it before. The fact is that I never open a natal chart if I do not have permission from its owner. It is just my opinion, but I find a natal chart very personal. To open a natal chart without permission means to invade someone’s privacy, rudely and unceremoniously. I do not allow myself to do this. But I met this chart in an open source and was just astonished. I cannot yet say that I have seen lots of natal charts but this one is something… soaring. This chart shows what was hidden in the heart. Continue reading

Moon, the Solar System Administrator

Picture P85Dedicated to International Observe the Moon Night on October 28th

I have a non-scientific conjecture that the Moon appeared at that moment when the first man appeared on the Earth. Why not, it is quite possible to imagine how the God created the Moon after Adam had been departed from the Garden of Eden, with words: Keep it, it will be useful if you are starting a separate life now…

However, the first known images of the moon phases on stones are about 15K years old. In the Babylonian clay tablets, the Moon is also constantly mentioned as “…Moon is our great mentora measure of our Time…” In ancient Babylon the Moon was so revered that it was common to track the changing seasons by following the lunar month rather than the solar year. Maybe that is why the age of the people in prehistoric time can number hundreds of “years”. Continue reading

What was New for October 2017

Dedicated to the aspect Uranus OPP Sun

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

Autumn… Rooks flew away… Uranus reached opposition on October 19th. I was waiting for this day since this OPP aspected my natal chart. And what? Exactly at this day… I suddenly closed my LinkedIn account which had existed for more than 10 years! Where I had hundreds of contacts!! I was really shocked by my own decision, till now cannot believe it. But I did it… although on the eve I did not even think about it. To tell the truth… I was waiting for something… more productive 🙂  Continue reading

How the City of a thousand planets looks like

Am I the only one here who likes Valerian and the City of a thousand planets? 🙂 Objectively, the film’s rating is not very high… But without any special sense, I just like it visually. I generally like sci-fi films, they are interesting in that they give an opportunity to observe how the human brain develops. According to the recent studies, the human brain cannot invent something by itself, in its activity it uses only the information that already received, like the computer. Everything that your brain shows you in a dream or real life, you have somewhere seen or heard. For example, you have a nightmare with a horrible stranger… Make no doubt, you saw his face, maybe on the street, or in a film, or in a picture in a book… Maybe many years ago… but your brain fixed this image and now, you are welcome, it offers you to take a look. So that, our brain invents nothing but it can manipulate images; probably, it is the best manipulator in the universe. As a matter of fact, due to these manipulations it can develop, learn something new and make discoveries. The absolutely weak point in our brain is that in most cases the brain practically cannot comprehend what it has never met before. Continue reading

What was New for September 2017

Picture P81Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

The summer ended on Friday, September 22. Summer Sagittarius is moving increasingly west giving place to autumn stars. And although the planet Uranus is only on the way to Taurus, Mr. American President has already proposed to reorganize the United Nations. Hmm, I do not know how far he can go with his initiative but this is really a sensible idea, completely in the nature Uranus in Taurus.

But the pearl of September is undoubtedly a hot discussion between Mr. American President and Mr. N.Korea Leader. Ohhh, I think this case should be reviewed by professional experts and included in all textbooks on Psychology, under the title How to troll a troll. Continue reading

The raccoon is guilty of everything…

Picture P80This is not an astrological post but it is referring to the question which, in one form or another, we encounter almost every day. I decided to write it after the film Wakefield in the original, in Russia this film goes under the name The raccoon is guilty of everything… sounds curious, does not it? In total, this post is my own experience I would like to share; my two cents that maybe one day will help someone.

As I wrote many times, changes are always an integral part of our existence but the main problem is that they occur unevenly. You may feel that your partner, in business or your private life, is becoming a little different but you still remain the same and do not want to see any changes. Or you may aspire to something new but this causes irritation of others. Unfortunately, conflicts are inevitable.

I have only 3 rules on this point, they are very short and simple, although, sometimes it is not easy to follow them 🙂 nevertheless Continue reading

What was New for August 2017

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

The best thing I can do is to no longer write about August 21 Solar Eclipse… 🙂 because everything that our imagination could create on this point was already written and even more than everything. In this ocean of fantasy (including my own), in fact, one moment is truly worth mentioning: the Black Moon caused the total Eclipse: this particular Black Moon is the 3rd New Moon in a season with 4 New Moons… which makes it rare combination. In other words, the Black Moon opened the new Saros cycle… that is an unordinary astrological combination.

Sun in Leo (28° Leo) is a quite typical Archetype referring to the major Arcana The Sun (XVIIII) in the Tarot deck. For example, I could choose the word Vitality, or maybe Life Forces to describe its manifestation. Although, for some reason, it was embodied for us as an incredible Consumption.

But with the Black Moon in the background, the final cycle in Leo is something very special… kinda weird. Taking into account that Uranus is moving into the sign of Taurus, and they together will give us a new Archetype referring to the major Arcana The Tower (XVI)… Uranus in Taurus with Neptune still in Pisces… oooh, I think, great things are waiting for us. But we still have a little time to be as we used to be. Continue reading