News, Events and Symbols, December 2017

Picture P93Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

In the beginning I would like to put a rather significant event. Though to be exact, this is not an Event. Events imply a certain number of actions, but in this case actions as such are very few. Probably, all action is only to remove the signboard from one house and hang it on the other. Nevertheless, it has huge resonance all over the world and storm of emotions! Because this is not an Event but a Symbol. Symbols or Archetypes are some thoughtforms that deeply affect our thoughts and feelings, more often unconsciously, and evoke strong emotions: joy, resentment, anger, disillusion and many others. Here on Earth we think that Money rules the world. In fact it is not so. The real rulers of the world are Symbols.

At the beginning of December Mr. American President recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Again, it was not an Event but Symbol, and it will have consequences, perhaps. more tangible than we can imagine now. It hit people’s heads and started working, quite possible, this is the very event that will continue to grow in the future. Jerusalem is an Archetype given by the Bible, and if you want to somehow change the situation with it, then first rewrite the Bible, otherwise it will constantly disturb lots of people. Okay, Mr. American President set fire to everything he could. Although, if tomorrow Mr. American President says: Yes, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel but I did not mean the whole city… This will certainly lower the degree of stress.

However, let’s return to New Moon charts. Yeah, the previous New Moon said that the Russian sports team would not be admitted to the Olympics Games. Okay, we make adjustments and continue.

There are only two New Moons to the nearest Solar Eclipse, and these months seem to be rather important because I believe that the Solar eclipse pattern has to work. In fact, I would like to verify whether the impulse of a Solar eclipse passes for the next period, or the next Solar eclipse closes the previous one and starts a new story. To understand this, we just need to know what will be realized until February 16, 2018.

So, the current New Moon and the next one. They both look somewhat dramatic for Russia since they give intensive Stellium for this place. The current one

Picture P94New Moon, 18–December–2017, 06:30:00 UTC (09:30:00 LT), Moscow, Russia

Interestingly, that currently one of the so called candidates for the so called elections 2018, this glamorous blonde, has difficulties with her activity, according to the surveys, 2 out of 3 people dream her not to be registered as a candidate. Please have a look at Venus in this chart. So, if you intend to run for president, be sure to see what the mundane charts show at this period. As to Mr. Russian President, he is so clinging to the power that it is not possible to tear him off. But something strange is ripening in his entourage… In general, I would name this chart Saturn and Venus are in secret talks.

And the next New Moon

Picture P95New Moon, 17–January–2018, 02:17:00 UTC (05:17:00 LT), Moscow, Russia

Here it is more or less clear only with Jupiter. Since this period coincides with the Olympic Games, very likely it can mean the overall rejoicing from victories etc. I just cannot imagine another reason for so general joy. But as to the others… Um-hm… A very interesting pattern, some kind of secret story. After the secret meeting with Saturn Venus goes to Pluto, this anxious Stellium… In my opinion Pluto and Venus rarely unite with good intentions. What is Uranus doing… in the Kremlin? Mars takes a threatening position… And Saturn ascends to the throne… Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, respectfully follows him… Bow your heads, let Cronus the Great proclaim his will… Amen.

That was all for this month. Thank you for your reading, take care and good luck!


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