What was New for November 2017

Picture P90Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

I would like to find a way to show how Astrology can be practically realized in life… without any questionable manipulations, crazy fantasies and psychological tricks. So, my WAC principle (Watch, Analyze and Compare) which I use in Astrology is very simple and available to everyone: I define an event, I make an astrological chat, and then I observe how it works in life. Of course, I cannot yet say that it gives 10 out of 10 but… 🙂 I continue to work and besides, to me it is very exciting to forecast and observe.

How it usually happens, for example… Currently I look after two mundane charts; they both are about Russia and based on New Moon. New Moon is a turning point in Astrology, it is similar to the Lunar Return in predictive Astrology. In one word, it is a key to unfold the story. New Moon on November 18th formed the following chart

Picture P91

New Moon, 18–November–2017, 11:42:00 UTC (14:42:00 LT), Moscow, Russia 

This chart is valid for the period 18 November – 18 December. I know at least two quite important events for Russia at this time. The first one is the so called election campaign 2018 which will start on December 15th. And as it became known last week, Mr. Russian President’s press conference will be held on December 14th, exactly the day before. A bit strange combination… although, why not? If we believe the sources in the Kremlin, it is at the conference Mr. Russian President will announce his intention to be re-elected… will make all of us happy again. However, taking this chart into account… It shows something different. Why does Mr. Russian President take so strange place here? The other potential candidates came together but why is he hiding? Maybe he does not want to deal with us… Or he thought up something… some new dirt. Plan B? In general, it is something obviously transforming the situation with a very emotional response.

But I am a little bit confused by another rather significant event which falls in the same period, namely on December 5th. At that day the International Olympic Committee is going to take a decision on the participation of Russia in the Winter Olympic Games. Properly speaking… this chart may refer to this event and show that Russia will not be allowed to take part in this feast of life. Something like we are kicked out of a decent society. Um-hm… So what will happen? Well, we will find out very soon, and then will consider the second chart…

That was all for this month. Thank you for your reading, take care and good luck!


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