Loving Vincent

Picture P87Loving Vincent is an astounding film. I would also like to do something… for Vincent. I have never done it before. The fact is that I never open a natal chart if I do not have permission from its owner. It is just my opinion, but I find a natal chart very personal. To open a natal chart without permission means to invade someone’s privacy, rudely and unceremoniously. I do not allow myself to do this. But I met this chart in an open source and was just astonished. I cannot yet say that I have seen lots of natal charts but this one is something… soaring. This chart shows what was hidden in the heart.

Picture P8830–March–1853, 11:00:00 LT, Groot Zundert, Netherlands

Neptune in Pisces, his startling inner world inspiring creativity. Although with such positions of Neptune and Mercury here I would have thought that this man is a writer or a philosopher. In his letter he wrote: “I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly”.

And further… We seem to have part of the list of the Major Arcana:

Jupiter in Sagittarius(V) The Hierophant – his aspiration to help people and bring them consolation. Together with Moon in Sagittarius, his ability to deeply empathize and feel this world… He wrote: “Art is to console those who are broken by life”;

Pluto in Taurus(XV) The Devil – his art was born out of the conflict because he refused to adapt to generally accepted norms and follow established relationships, his constant contradictions between how it could be and how it should be;

Uranus in Taurus(XVI) The Tower – his destruction of traditional ideas and forms in art, and his amazing ability to change our perception of art;

And his brightest Venus in Pisces(XVII) The Star –most sources marks this Arcana as certainly positive. Its general sense can be interpreted as Mission, its manifestation in life can mean success, in short, everything that could bring you luck. But from my point of view, in natal Astrology, especially in this position, this Archetype can turn the other side. Mission, but also Martyrdom.

Picture P89I think if Jesus of Nazareth really existed he might have a very similar natal chart with the same positions of Venus, Mars and Moon Nodes. In this chart Venus CJN Mars in Pisces on MC is… the Star of Bethlehem of Vincent van Gogh, his Mission, his Martyrdom, his Immortality… Despised and miserable, he came into our hearts. On his last day Vincent van Gogh chose… Life. “Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.” – Loving Vincent.


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