Moon, the Solar System Administrator

Picture P85Dedicated to International Observe the Moon Night on October 28th

I have a non-scientific conjecture that the Moon appeared at that moment when the first man appeared on the Earth. Why not, it is quite possible to imagine how the God created the Moon after Adam had been departed from the Garden of Eden, with words: Keep it, it will be useful if you are starting a separate life now…

However, the first known images of the moon phases on stones are about 15K years old. In the Babylonian clay tablets, the Moon is also constantly mentioned as “…Moon is our great mentora measure of our Time…” In ancient Babylon the Moon was so revered that it was common to track the changing seasons by following the lunar month rather than the solar year. Maybe that is why the age of the people in prehistoric time can number hundreds of “years”.

The lunar month is the period of Time between one new Moon and the next one, a visible and handy time unit, very easy to use for any seasonal events. Each month as the Moon circles the Earth, we see it go through its cycle of phases. Starting from the new Moon, when it is nearly in our line of sight to the Sun, the Moon grows, or waxes, to a crescent, then to first quarter (half lit), gibbous (somewhat football-shaped), and finally Full. Then the Moon wanes back through gibbous, last quarter, and crescent phases to new again. When waxing, the Moon is visible mostly in the evening. When waning, it is best seen in the early morning hours. In this way, the Moon is an ideal timekeeping device for human beings on the Earth, it just cannot be more perfect.

In the Theory of Archetypes the Moon is a very (very!!) powerful thoughtform. Even simple watching the Moon can cause an involuntary stream of images in the subconscious. So, do not be surprised if during the evening walk you admire the Moon in the sky, and then you cannot sleep all night long. Although it is possible the opposite, it will put you to sleep. Some people are very sensitive to this Archetype, especially if the Moon is accented in the natal chart. For example, their health can react to the Full Moon. As the Archetype, the Moon is reflected in at least 4 trumps of the Tarot deck

(II) the High Priestess (Moon in Taurus) – this Arcana is often associated with Nature itself, life-giving and creative

(XIV) Temperance (Moon in Libra)

(XVIII) the Moon (Moon in Crab)

0 (XXII) the Fool (Moon in Scorpio)

And finally, according to some ancient sources, the Moon has one more special purpose: it also performs the role of the lock. The Moon’s orbit delineates the space that is safe for man, forced to exist within these limits we cannot go beyond… I think there is a very simple idea laid down here. Going beyond the limits of the Moon’s orbit, we are losing touch with our Time. It is only Newton’s point of view that Time is absolute in all corners of the Universe. To be more exact, it may be non-absolute but we can neglect this for our scientific experiments. But from the astrological point of view, Time is completely non-homogeneous. So, the saying I am over the Moon seems implausible.


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