What was New for November 2017

Picture P90Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

I would like to find a way to show how Astrology can be practically realized in life… without any questionable manipulations, crazy fantasies and psychological tricks. So, my WAC principle (Watch, Analyze and Compare) which I use in Astrology is very simple and available to everyone: I define an event, I make an astrological chat, and then I observe how it works in life. Of course, I cannot yet say that it gives 10 out of 10 but… 🙂 I continue to work and besides, to me it is very exciting to forecast and observe.

How it usually happens, for example… Currently I look after two mundane charts; they both are about Russia and based on New Moon. New Moon is a turning point in Astrology, it is similar to the Lunar Return in predictive Astrology. In one word, it is a key to unfold the story. New Moon on November 18th formed the following chart Continue reading


Loving Vincent

Picture P87Loving Vincent is an astounding film. I would also like to do something… for Vincent. I have never done it before. The fact is that I never open a natal chart if I do not have permission from its owner. It is just my opinion, but I find a natal chart very personal. To open a natal chart without permission means to invade someone’s privacy, rudely and unceremoniously. I do not allow myself to do this. But I met this chart in an open source and was just astonished. I cannot yet say that I have seen lots of natal charts but this one is something… soaring. This chart shows what was hidden in the heart. Continue reading

Moon, the Solar System Administrator

Picture P85Dedicated to International Observe the Moon Night on October 28th

I have a non-scientific conjecture that the Moon appeared at that moment when the first man appeared on the Earth. Why not, it is quite possible to imagine how the God created the Moon after Adam had been departed from the Garden of Eden, with words: Keep it, it will be useful if you are starting a separate life now…

However, the first known images of the moon phases on stones are about 15K years old. In the Babylonian clay tablets, the Moon is also constantly mentioned as “…Moon is our great mentora measure of our Time…” In ancient Babylon the Moon was so revered that it was common to track the changing seasons by following the lunar month rather than the solar year. Maybe that is why the age of the people in prehistoric time can number hundreds of “years”. Continue reading