What was New for October 2017

Dedicated to the aspect Uranus OPP Sun

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

Autumn… Rooks flew away… Uranus reached opposition on October 19th. I was waiting for this day since this OPP aspected my natal chart. And what? Exactly at this day… I suddenly closed my LinkedIn account which had existed for more than 10 years! Where I had hundreds of contacts!! I was really shocked by my own decision, till now cannot believe it. But I did it… although on the eve I did not even think about it. To tell the truth… I was waiting for something… more productive 🙂 

The day before, one glamorous blonde in Russia announced that… she would be running for the President of Russia. Oops, it was a shock for many Russians, too. In general, that is what Uranus OPP Sun: completely unexpected, often illogical, even provocative decisions or actions. What else did we have in those days? The Catalonia escape could be activated by this aspect.

In my astrological practice I compare the aspects of the macrocosm with the events that happen at this moment in the microcosm, that is, on Earth. In my opinion, this is the best way for those who really want to understand what the modern Astrology is. Watch, analyze and compare. Like many novice astrologers, I tried to read some works by Ptolemy etc. but quickly realized that most of their ideas may be very close to art but have a minimal connection with our reality. It is natural if we admit how the world has changed over the past 2000 years. I do not mean the fundamental principles, of course, they are confirmed by time and remain in force, we still use the geometry of Euclid but today we also have the quantum physics. Besides, it is important to separate the basic principles from personal conjectures of an individual. By the way, this also applies to some “brand name” astrologers of the Middle Ages. I just cannot understand from which source of inspiration they got their fantasies, very far from life. But I suppose this is just a personal preference if you want to understand how Astrology can work in life, or it is just a way to develop your imagination. Both ways are good, however, somehow too few astrologers who are ready to deal with particular cases… 😦

That was all for this month. Thank you for your reading, take care and good luck!


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