How the City of a thousand planets looks like

Am I the only one here who likes Valerian and the City of a thousand planets? 🙂 Objectively, the film’s rating is not very high… But without any special sense, I just like it visually. I generally like sci-fi films, they are interesting in that they give an opportunity to observe how the human brain develops. According to the recent studies, the human brain cannot invent something by itself, in its activity it uses only the information that already received, like the computer. Everything that your brain shows you in a dream or real life, you have somewhere seen or heard. For example, you have a nightmare with a horrible stranger… Make no doubt, you saw his face, maybe on the street, or in a film, or in a picture in a book… Maybe many years ago… but your brain fixed this image and now, you are welcome, it offers you to take a look. So that, our brain invents nothing but it can manipulate images; probably, it is the best manipulator in the universe. As a matter of fact, due to these manipulations it can develop, learn something new and make discoveries. The absolutely weak point in our brain is that in most cases the brain practically cannot comprehend what it has never met before.

Picture P82How the space aliens can look like

Everything that is created by the human brain about the Cosmos etc. is what it has already seen and understood. Therefore, all potential space aliens, in general, are similar to humans or animals, in different art transformations. Perhaps, it is an enormous misconception of our brain to suppose that the mind can exist only in forms familiar to us. Billions are spent on equipment to listen to the sky in the hope that one day a voice will be heard, and it will say: Hello! But if I would say: the planet Saturn is a form of intellect… In reply, you would say: this is at least a strange statement.

Picture P83Mix of ancient Maya and the imagination of Salvador Dali

The brain of the overwhelming majority of people does not realize something that it never dealt with. It is good that we live on Earth… This would really be a problem to understand how the Solar system operates if we lived, say, on Chiron: That is why I am in doubt about Nicolaus Copernicus… I think he made no new discoveries. He was a polyglot and had access to ancient manuscripts, ancient Hellenic and Arabic books. I suppose this knowledge already existed before him but it was lost in time. Nicolaus Copernicus simply found this out of books and made a timid attempt to return the knowledge to people. By the way, again, due to our brain, at first his attempt was not particularly successful…

Picture P84Indeed, if the ancient Maya understood the nature of eclipses and could determine the time of a solar eclipse with an accuracy of several hours, it is very strange to think that they did not understand its geometry.

Well, the conclusion is a bit sad: we are the hostages of our brain, and it is likely that this world is not quite the same as the brain perceives it. But the things are not so hopeless… “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see” – Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher.


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