The raccoon is guilty of everything…

Picture P80This is not an astrological post but it is referring to the question which, in one form or another, we encounter almost every day. I decided to write it after the film Wakefield in the original, in Russia this film goes under the name The raccoon is guilty of everything… sounds curious, does not it? In total, this post is my own experience I would like to share; my two cents that maybe one day will help someone.

As I wrote many times, changes are always an integral part of our existence but the main problem is that they occur unevenly. You may feel that your partner, in business or your private life, is becoming a little different but you still remain the same and do not want to see any changes. Or you may aspire to something new but this causes irritation of others. Unfortunately, conflicts are inevitable.

I have only 3 rules on this point, they are very short and simple, although, sometimes it is not easy to follow them 🙂 nevertheless

1.      Never work with something that already does not exist or somebody who does not want to deal with you in principle. Even if you achieve some minimum results, you may spend so much power breaking through the closed door or going nowhere that at best you will be just completely devastated; at worst you will get problems with health. Ask yourself, if the result is comparable with all your efforts… and if your answer No, believe that it is much effective to reorient and spend your time on finding someone or something that is willing to deal with you.

2.      But if your answer Yes, and you feel that the situation is not hopeless, or you cannot leave it since feel responsible… Try to work with it as if you are just part of Team: a team of 2, a team of 3… Do not try to insist on your own way or find out your relationship, again, you just spend your precious power with “zero input”. Just try to support when your partner needs it. For what purpose are you growing your EGO? Ask yourself, how it can help you. Inflated EGO is something completely useless in VUCA world, in my experience, inflated EGO never leads to the right place at the right time. Ultimately, why else live as not to support close people or to be necessary to them, in this case your relationship will at least get some chances for something new. But if you or your partners are not interested in your relations anymore, please, return to i.1.

3.      And always remember that you have come to this world not in order to impress your neighbors but in order to become who you really should be.



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