What was New for August 2017

Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

The best thing I can do is to no longer write about August 21 Solar Eclipse… 🙂 because everything that our imagination could create on this point was already written and even more than everything. In this ocean of fantasy (including my own), in fact, one moment is truly worth mentioning: the Black Moon caused the total Eclipse: this particular Black Moon is the 3rd New Moon in a season with 4 New Moons… which makes it rare combination. In other words, the Black Moon opened the new Saros cycle… that is an unordinary astrological combination.

Sun in Leo (28° Leo) is a quite typical Archetype referring to the major Arcana The Sun (XVIIII) in the Tarot deck. For example, I could choose the word Vitality, or maybe Life Forces to describe its manifestation. Although, for some reason, it was embodied for us as an incredible Consumption.

But with the Black Moon in the background, the final cycle in Leo is something very special… kinda weird. Taking into account that Uranus is moving into the sign of Taurus, and they together will give us a new Archetype referring to the major Arcana The Tower (XVI)… Uranus in Taurus with Neptune still in Pisces… oooh, I think, great things are waiting for us. But we still have a little time to be as we used to be.

According to some sources, the “astrological season” of any Solar Eclipse lasts approximately 4 weeks: 2 weeks before, when the Sun is technically already in the orb of the eclipse, and 2 weeks after, when the Sun leaves the orb. Therefore astrologers usually advise paying attention to what events happened in your life during the period of 4 weeks. In my opinion, it is especially interesting to consider what happened in the period between the Lunar and Solar eclipse, since the spatial geometry is such that the Lunar Eclipse always accompanies the Solar Eclipse. Even if the eclipses do not make aspects in your personal charts… it is still interesting 🙂 maybe in this period you found out something… or met a mysterious stranger… or an unexpected idea came to your mind… a good idea is a gift from Cosmos 🙂

But August can offer much more than just the eclipses. August is prime Milky Way time. In the modern cities the Milky Way is almost impossible to see but under the dark sky in the open the setting of the Milky Way can be a dramatic sight.

Picture P79The Milky Way Sets

Astrology practically does not study the concept of the Milky Way, and nevertheless… Something mystical, some incredible mysterious activity takes place under the veil of congeries of stars and rivers of cosmic dust, especially in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, where the center of the Galaxy is presumably situated… Why Sagittarius? Will we ever know what happens there?

That was all for this month. Thank you for your reading, take care and good luck!





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