August 21 Solar Eclipse in USA

I think the video above might be an appropriate addendum to the previous post

You do not need to be an astrologer to understand that Mr. American President is going through a very difficult period, maybe the most difficult in his life. He is in insufferable turbulence, something still depends on him but something is already beyond of his control… I am not a follower of Mr. American President but I sympathise with him as a man in an extremely tough situation. In my deep conviction, nobody should suffer in this world.

Picture P74Maximum eclipse, 21–August–2017, 18:25:35 UTC (14:25:35 LT), Washington, D.C., USA

I would name this chart Mr. American President as an Object. In my interpretation, this chart says that Mr. American President becomes a direct object of some kind of legal process. It is not necessarily that it is a process of Impeachment… maybe just an investigation but it is a legal process directed directly against Mr. American President, and in this chart it has all the features to become fatal for him… But I suppose that Mr. American President will hold his position in the White House at least till the beginning of the next year.

Venus still causes me a lot of interest. Venus just chases after Mr. American President in these charts, I would say he has a special relationship with Venus but let him not flatter himself, in fact, it works against him. As far as I see the situation with the previous chart my interpretation of Venus did not prove itself… Although there appears some woman… But I am not sure… Now I would interpret it as probably Mr. American President is telling us… something not quite true. As to this chart, Venus is worthy of note again. Here it has almost a starring role and looks like… I would say… Betrayal?


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