August 21 Total Solar Eclipse: 1N

Picture P71Honestly, I am really looking forward to this day. People do not like changes… because of the uncertainty, but despite all the difficulties that we can face, this day is a special day that marks the beginning of going forwards to a new stage in the Time cycle. Your personal cycle, depending on the progressions of your natal Moon, may differ from the Saros cycle; nevertheless, most people will feel changes in life in the next 2–3 years. It can be quite a small change, for example, something that inspired you yesterday, will leave completely indifferent tomorrow, but it is very very important because actually it is the way to change our preferences, priorities and, accordingly, our life.

This 1N Solar Eclipse is the first in the third and closing Saros cycle in the Leo sign (28° Leo) that is a bridge of the transition to the influence of the Virgo power

So, the changes are simply “unavoidable circumstances” 🙂

As I have already written in my previous posts, 1N gives a very strong impulse, where Jupiter, as the main planet of the Solar system, together with Pluto, the last dwarf planet of the system, formed the pattern

Jupiter OPP Pluto = Uranus/Node

Mars SQR = Moon/Neptune

I define this impulse as Event (sometimes, Idea) – usually unexpectedaffecting Groups.

I am not sure about all 1N Eclipses in the Saros cycles, but all of them are Total during at least the last 100 years, and each of them brought very significant events, just some of them in that period, as an example:

SE 1927, June 29 – the 15th Congress of the Communist Party in Russia, this gathering was retrospectively remembered as so called Congress of the Collectivization of Agriculture and of the Socialist Offensive on All Fronts… blah blah blah, in actual fact a major part of the time spent by the gathering related to internal party politics that afterwards resulted as the “Great Purge” (The “Great Russian Terror”)

SE 1945, July 9 – on the final stage of World War II the United States dropped nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, actually the beginning of the Cold War

SE 1963, July 20 – the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States

SE 1981, July 31 – the crisis and protests in communist Poland, I consider this as the first impulse in the collapse of the communist regime in East Europe

SE 1999, August 11 – for the first time the world hears the name Vladimir Putin when he becomes the first person of Russia

More often we cannot feel or understand this impulse immediately, I mean, we cannot assess consequences it can cause, but something happens, some idea or action that can begin to work with us bringing other events and changes.

So, 2017, August 21 – ???

In many cases it is very difficult to define which one among other events “will go into growth”. Who could foresee in 1999 that an unknown man named Vladimir Putin was going to become “the most powerful man in the world”?  By the way, about Mr. Russian President…

…to be continued…


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