Climate in astrological Terms

Picture P62The situation is getting almost crazy and looks like that only someone very lazy does not discuss the global warming. I have also decided to put my two cents in the discussion and add my own idea on this point… An astrological idea, of course, that the precession – the change in orientation of the Earth’s rotational axis – can significantly affect the Earth’s climate. To explain we should begin with Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle, who was the only authority in Science for nearly two millennia. In his works he accepted four Elements as the basic principle of his understanding of Nature. Four Elements, in which he believed, were Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Here it is necessary to note that he had in mind so called prima materia, of course, this is not the water or fire we use in everyday life. In the physical world there is nothing primary at all.

Each primary Element had its own features, according to Aristotle

                                       Cold                         Warm

Dry                                Earth                        Fire

Wet                                Water                       Air

From astrological point of view, each zodiacal constellation implies the manifestation of the certain primary Element.

Picture P63As is known, now the Earth’s axis is moving through the constellation Pisces and approaching the constellation Aquarius. According to the Statement of the International Astronomical Union issued in 1928, the border between the constellations Pisces and Aquarius might be crossed approximately in 2614. Thus, from the Element of Water we will pass into the Element of Air. Let’s look at the table above. Following this, we are really expected some warming but this is an absolutely natural cyclic process that does not require any special adjustment.

Picture P64In my firm belief, we should preserve and protect Nature not because of these insinuations with the climate but just because the Earth is our Home, our Sanctuary


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