February 26 Solar Eclipse in USA

Fast and Furious

At first let’s check the previous chart


My teacher in Astrology said that mundane charts should be very simple in interpretation and in many cases they are very close to the “accurate” meaning of what is happening. It really so with this chart, now we know its exact interpretation

People support Moon but Uranus will ascend

Of course, it is very pleasant to be clever in retrospective 🙂 but will try again with 19S Solar Eclipse.

Picture P60

Maximum eclipse, 26–February–2017, 14:53:23 UTC (09:53:23 LT), Washington, D.C., USA

Very interestingly, at least for me, that this chart is almost identical to January 20 Inauguration Day https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/january-20-inauguration-day/ though the difference between them is more than a month.

Here we can also see the breathtaking stellium in Pisces, and it gives reason to suspect the troubles are waiting for Mr. American President from the very beginning… According to this chart, there is Someone very influential who opposes Mr. American President. Someone can mean a group of people… the American Establishment, as an example. But Someone can also be a person… who has so much power to block Mr. American President’s actions… That is why I would name the chart Clinch.

Please pay attention where Uranus potentially rules (Area 10 – 11) and where it is actually located (Area 12). Shortly speaking about this chart Mr. American President is furious because he loses the game.

Seems to me, Venus also plays a rather important role in this combination… On the one hand, it can be interpreted as a woman in President’s environment, who “will come under attack”. But Venus can also describe a problem that will work against Mr. American President… Well, we will find out soon.


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