February 26 Annular Solar Eclipse: 19S

Picture P57Normally the End does not occur in one minute of the last day… 🙂 especially if we are talking about a cycle where the End may take quite a long period and even can be divided into several parts.

In the Saros cycle at least 3 Solar Eclipses symbolize the End: 18S, 19N and 19S. Currently we are passing through 19N period https://astrologicdiary.wordpress.com/2016/07/28/september-1-annular-solar-eclipse/ and approaching 19S Solar Eclipse which will take place on February 26, 2017.

What were the most memorable events over the last few months? As to me, I am still under the big impression on:

Donald Trump, a businessman and television personality, won the presidency in the US on November 8, 2016

and almost immediately

Fidel Castro, a Cuban revolutionary and politician, died on November 25, 2016

At first glance, these two events are no connected. But in my opinion, they reflect how the world is changing. For me this “castling” means that the old ideas about what we should be in this world make way to something new.

The Truth may have different meanings depending on the point from which we consider it. We tend to take for the Truth something we like or something we are ready to accept for ourselves. But in the frame of the Universe the Truth is often something that just has to work in the new period… whether we like it or not.

Whether you like the American President 2016 or not, whether you perceive him as a politician or not… it really does not matter.  From astrological point of view he is just a “tool” to give us new thoughts and make us act differently. He is a “unique president” (© Henry Kissinger) and unlikely we are indifferent to him. We can act in imitation of him or objecting to him but in any case it will inevitably lead to changes. The main idea of any new cycle is that we can no longer stay with something we have already done… So, we just should be ready to meet a new challenge.

Okay, we have to pass only one Solar Eclipse to be in the new cycle and I think 19S means just Transition. Practically speaking, during this period we have no new tasks since the old cycle is almost over and everything that was possible to do or to learn in that period is already said and done.

Try to imagine how 19S will appear in the sky 🙂 I think it is beautiful

Venus CONJUN Jupiter

Uranus = Moon / Jupiter

Basically this pattern is neutral; I do not think that such kind of combination would lead to global turmoil. Some sources say that 19S is quite positive to people and even can bring pleasant surprises, especially if during the old cycle we have reached good results. If it makes an aspect in your personal chart, you may trust what is happening to you since an event in this period is largely the result of your previous activity.

Now let’s try to explore some potential cases with 19S Eclipse…

…to be continued…




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