January 20 Inauguration Day

Picture P51Between today and January 20 there is December 19 which is not easy at all in terms of Astrology. Nevertheless, we will try to consider January 20 with the most likely option 🙂

The main astrological feature of the potential American President is that he won the election at the day when his personal planet Uranus was moving retrograde. Some sources say that it is hardly possible to reach positive results when your personal planet is in the retrograde position but I would slightly adapt this postulate to the modern reality:

Be careful with everything that comes to you when your personal planet is retrograde… You may think: It is my dream! It is my triumph! But in reality it may turn into your nightmare… Or it will not be long.

Now let’s move to the Inauguration Day. The new presidential period commences on January 20, 2017, exactly at noon. So, we get the following chart

Picture P52The U.S. Inauguration Day, 20–January–2017, 17:00:00 UTC (12:00:00 LT), Washington, D.C, USA

According to my experience, one of the planets in mundane charts often means a key person or an answer to your question. The main planet in our case is Uranus. Let’s try to consider the chart in terms of the strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion, the strong point is the fact that all the planets move directly. Hmm, it happens not so often as we would like to have 🙂 so I think it is really good… Maybe it means that we are in the right place at the right time and everything goes according to plan… Though what is the plan? Who knows… And… It seems to me the strengths come to the end here.

Let’s pay attention on Uranus. I think it takes the most “perspective” place of the chart. Even if we really try, we will not be able to find someplace worse… Of course, it does not give us reason to think about… I do not know… a kind of Impeachment, but… The area of Uranus is ruled by Neptune, one more interesting combination.

In fact, the chart is overcrowded by so small “nasty” items. For example, Jupiter is definitely in the right place and rules the area of… I would say… Transformation process, but as we can see… there is Saturn there. This combination Jupiter / Saturn might be rather painful since Jupiter means Expansion while Saturn always means Restriction… Does it mean we will have some difficulties with reforms? Or is it a kind of new politics?

Sun is also in the appropriate place but again, this area is ruled by Saturn… Does someone or something restrict the power? Does it threaten the authority?

But the most severe aspect seems to me

Uranus Semisquare South Node

including Stellium in Pisces in the area of Group activity which is ruled by Uranus itself and vague combination Venus / Neptune inside… Deception? Mistrust?

My teacher in Astrology said that while Semisquare works in your life, unlikely you are able to do something… According to my own experience, Semisquare is just Blocking, something that endlessly generates obstacles. You solve a problem and at once there is another one… Or you feel that you cannot solve a problem because actually this problem is not yours but it is somehow projected on your business. Very bad that it is the direct aspect to Uranus.

Please pay attention that if we consider this chart for… a woman, the interpretation would sound a little bit different. We have the same planets and the same aspects but in case of a woman they will get different meaning, at least Semisquare to Uranus is not an aspect of Venus or Moon. I think it shows how our reality is formed. Of course, we have so called “freedom of choice” but our future strongly depends on our decisions and actions since they are a background for further development.


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