Christmas gift: Christmas star and crescent Moon

Picture P56Beginning in December and through most of 2017 we will have several comets to view. The first of them we are able to see is Comet with the enigmatic name Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova. This periodic comet returns to the inner solar system every 5.25 years. It appeared low on the western horizon on December 15th and by the 21st it already appeared almost as Christmas star with a bluish-green head and the fan-shaped tail. On New Year Eve this Comet and the crescent Moon will rendezvous to say farewell to 2016… Believe the last celestial performance 2016 promises good luck in the coming year 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


January 20 Inauguration Day

Picture P51Between today and January 20 there is December 19 which is not easy at all in terms of Astrology. Nevertheless, we will try to consider January 20 with the most likely option 🙂

The main astrological feature of the potential American President is that he won the election at the day when his personal planet Uranus was moving retrograde. Some sources say that it is hardly possible to reach positive results when your personal planet is in the retrograde position but I would slightly adapt this postulate to the modern reality: Continue reading

By the way… NASA against X Planet

Picture P53In March 2014 NASA wrote:

…After searching hundreds of millions of objects across our sky, NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) has turned up no evidence of the hypothesized celestial body in our solar system commonly dubbed “Planet X”…

…Researchers previously had theorized about the existence of this large but unseen celestial body, suspected to lie somewhere beyond the orbit of Pluto. In addition to “Planet X,” the body had garnered other nicknames, including “Nemesis” and “Tyche”… Continue reading