VUCA Astrology in VUCA World

Picture P50Summing up, I would say perhaps the case with November 8 Election Day was not one of most successful but it was certainly beneficial in terms of getting experience… To understand that the world is not the same anymore.

Technology has liberated our world and turned it into astounding VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, where the level of changes is so high and the rate of changes is so quick… Where anyone is absolutely free to share and implement ideas or can do something unexpected and outlandish… Become a President, for example, not because you have appropriate knowledge or strong experience but just because you have… ideas to inspire this world and people… and people want to be part of your ideas. So, the main question is… Should Astrology stand away from all these changes? Should it remain as before?

Analytics is dead… Who really knows what is going to happen in VUCA world? As we can see now, rational thinking leads to mistakes. The more time and efforts we spend trying to analyze the more the possibility we will miss something significant. Forecasting is also dead… And we have moved to the world of pure ideas.

How to be successful in VUCA world? Astrology probably should also turn into VUCA Astrology with a different approach to the new reality. Learn what you want to know about Astrology and forget everything you know when you work with specific cases. Your knowledge will stay with you but your mind will be free from useless stereotypes and other stupid routine… Hope it will work. From this point we will try to consider January 20 Inauguration Day.


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