October 30 Black Moon

Picture P53October 30 Black Moon belongs to the most common type of Black Moons – 2nd New Moon in a single calendar month, they occur quite often, about once every 29 months. Another question, that Black Moon on the eve of Halloween with Moon itself in Scorpio… It is a bit weird, isn’t it? 🙂 Perhaps it is just a kind of “celestial performance” that Cosmos loves showing… Although it is worth saying that according to some sources (and I share this opinion) Moon in Scorpio is a very strong Archetype in Astrology (a thoughtform, or a combination causing the context for thinking on a certain subject and influencing our behavior) mainly associated with a major Arcanum in Tarot – the Fool, sometimes XXII, sometimes None. Try to explain the meaning of this Archetype (as well as any Archetype) in the post is something like to scoop the ocean with a teaspoon 🙂 just would like to note that in some cases this Archetype is associated with so called prima materia (I wonder if ancient prima materia and modern dark matter are the same or not…), or chaotic substance from which everything is eventually formed and transformed, prima materia in its initial unstructured form, prima materia in anticipation of a new impulse, a new beginning…


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