Picture P50From the astrological point of view our life can be described simply as a chain of events with a certain length. Events, in their substance, include Place, Time and some Actions; all three components are a must, otherwise events are not formed. In this triad I would describe Time as a unique impulse supporting the transfer of an element of information. From the astrological point of view any event in the material world looks like a bit of information per second/minute/hour…

The origin of Time is not quite obvious. Seems to me, Time is a flow of impulses, covering the space, while here on Earth we perceive it as a fixed cycle. We consider Time as uniform, though, by the way, the process of motion around the axis or around the Sun can be uneven… Try to imagine that your clocks sometimes move faster or slower 🙂 to avoid mistakes we have unified Time with the absolute links

Second → Minute → Hour → Day → Month → Season → Year

In fact, our knowledge about Time is very limited. Although, we understand the value of each link, and in general, we have learnt how to calculate Time.

Exploring the Universe, we have discovered that in the other parts of our Solar system the links of Time might be different from Earth’s characteristics. For example, Season. Now we know that each planet has seasons. The Earth has four seasons. Most planets do, too. But what is the same about the seasons on the other planets? Only their names: winter, spring, summer and fall. The seasons are different on each planet, this table shows how long the seasons last

                                          PLANET               LENGTH OF SEASON

                                          Venus                    55-58 days

                                          Earth                     90-92 days

                                          Mars                      7 months

                                          Jupiter                   3 years

                                          Saturn                    ~ 7 years

                                         Uranus                  ~ 20 years

                                         Neptune                More than 40 years

On Venus seasons are short. On Mercury we cannot even tell when one season ends and the next one begins. Pluto is too far away, we are not sure about its seasons…

We used to think Time is the same everywhere. But probably not, since it is logical to suppose if one link in the cycle looks different, the others vary accordingly: the farther we go into the space, the slower Time moves… Maybe beyond the Solar system Time, as we understand it, does not exist at all… What will happen to us if one day we find ourselves somewhere in the region of Uranus? Very likely our brain will be destroyed faster than it will be able to perceive a new reality. Alas, alas! Cosmos attracts us but from the astrological point of view we are forced to always stay here…


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