Retrograde Mercury in Predictive Astrology

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Mercury on the Horizon

The inner planet Mercury, an attendant to the Sun within Earth’s path, has been known from ancient times. Maybe from that moment when the first man on the Earth raised his head, looked at the sky and saw thousands of stars… However, he described Mercury as two wandering stars: one in the morning skies and the other in the evening skies. Both Greeks and Egyptians thought the morning star is different from another star seen close to the Sun after sunset, probably, with different astrological features. The Greeks named the evening star that lingered in the sunset glow across the Ionian Sea Hermes, the messenger of the gods, while the Thebans recognized it as Horus, the vanquisher of Set and follower of Amun-Ra.

But by about 350 B.C., the time of Plato, the Greeks acknowledged the morning and evening stars as being one planet. With the Roman name, Mercury, the planet appeared in early horoscopes.

Traditionally Mundane Astrology used to connect Mercury with any kind of communications and Mercury in its retrograde motion meant something that brings Bad news. It occasionally works, the matter is that our world is changing every day, every hour… Now the world is in some way different from that one existed two thousand years ago. New ideas constantly come in our life changing us and our perception, giving a new sense to old things. It seems to me that modern Retrograde Mercury has got more opportunities to express itself.

According to my experience, in Mundane Astrology it often symbolizes Obstacle. It is also applicable to personal Solar, Lunar and other planets Return, in general I would advise to consider Return charts rather like Mundane charts, and if Mercury appears as Retrograde it means that we can face some difficulties.

And of course, we should not forget that Mercury can simply mean Somebody in your surroundings, in case of Retrograde Mercury it is somebody who troubles you, or you have a conflict with, or even your rebellious child.


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