Autumn… Astrologer’s nightmare

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Time in astrological Terms

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Now let’s try to take Time to pieces, in astrological terms. I think it will help to see how Astrology, as the concept of Archetypes, contributes our everyday life.

As we know, the Time cycle includes

Second → Minute → Hour → Day → Month → Season → Year  Continue reading


Picture P50From the astrological point of view our life can be described simply as a chain of events with a certain length. Events, in their substance, include Place, Time and some Actions; all three components are a must, otherwise events are not formed. In this triad I would describe Time as a unique impulse supporting the transfer of an element of information. From the astrological point of view any event in the material world looks like a bit of information per second/minute/hour…

The origin of Time is not quite obvious. Seems to me, Time is a flow of impulses, covering the space, while here on Earth we perceive it as a fixed cycle. We consider Time as uniform, though, by the way, the process of motion around the axis or around the Sun can be uneven… Try to imagine that your clocks sometimes move faster or slower 🙂 to avoid mistakes we have unified Time with the absolute links Continue reading

Retrograde Mercury in Predictive Astrology

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Mercury on the Horizon

The inner planet Mercury, an attendant to the Sun within Earth’s path, has been known from ancient times. Maybe from that moment when the first man on the Earth raised his head, looked at the sky and saw thousands of stars… However, he described Mercury as two wandering stars: one in the morning skies and the other in the evening skies. Both Greeks and Egyptians thought the morning star is different from another star seen close to the Sun after sunset, probably, with different astrological features. Continue reading