September 1 Solar Eclipse in USA

Solar Eclipse from Space

I did not plan to consider another place as a case with 19N Solar Eclipse but later I decided that just one chart is not enough to make a conclusion if the Saros cycle can work in our life or not…

But as I wrote recently in Astrology it is almost impossible to work with something unknown, if you don’t have some initial data. You can deal with ten objects in a chart but they will create… millions of various stories for you.

I would not say that I know a lot about the current situation in USA, nevertheless I know something 🙂 and I think my interest to this subject and my curiosity overcome the fear to make a mistake or be misunderstood. And besides this, it is interesting to compare similar charts for different places. So…

Picture P47

Maximum eclipse, 01–September–2016, 09:06:53 UTC (05:06:53 LT), Washington, USA

At least we can see that there is no stellium here.

In general I would name this chart Changes. To understand it better, I would suggest to divide the chart into three equal parts: Area 1 – 2, Area 4 – 5, Area 7 – 8 – 9.

In my opinion, the key place is Area 4 – 5, it shows a high internal activity or an internal event connected with… I would say… with a creative direction or self-expression.

Here we also can see Saturn SQR Neptune but in this chart I would say that the result of this activity has a transformation effect which will be shown both inside and outside of the country. Seems to me that Area 7 – 8 – 9 shows this effect as a transformation process.

As to Area 2, traditionally it is a part of Resources but it can be any kind of resources and people are also Resources… Human Resources. In my opinion, Area 2 means just People. And we can see Area 1 – 2 as Moon, supporting by Sun, is moving to Ascendant and leading a group of people.

But it is just a chart and one of its possible interpretations. The main question is what we will see in life… In any case, it is curious.


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