September 1 Solar Eclipse in Predictive Astrology

Picture P45

For a potential chart I have used the moment of maximum 19N Solar Eclipse in time for Moscow, Russia.

You see, for me it is easier to work with this place since I know more details 🙂

Picture P46

Maximum eclipse, 01–September–2016, 09:06:53 UTC (12:06:53 LT), Moscow, Russia 

I use aspects for mundane charts but also it is very important to try to understand the general sense of the “message”. From this point the chart gives very interesting info, I would name this combination Challenge.

The first detail that immediately catches the eyes is that all “heavy” planets are located below the axis Asc – Dis. So, the beginning of my interpretation will be

Mr. Russian President is sitting in the Kremlin. His internal environment is tough. All “heavy” planets are circling around him like tanks in the game “World of Tanks”.

In mundane charts I pay attention if there are points with the same degree and here we can see the aspect Saturn SQR Neptune. Seems to me the combination shows a rather unpleasant event or difficulties, probably in the field of finance or with other important resources.

And besides this… There is something else: stellium in Virgo, exactly in opposition to Mr. Russian President. I would interpret this as

There is someone or something outside that is pressing the internal situation much.

I would say this pressure somehow demands to reconstruct the internal situation.

In Mundane Astrology retrograde Mercury can bring negative news but not always, not always… Anyway, having my own natal Mars in Crab I would not agree to be a team leader within such kind of environment.

But I wonder whether it can be implemented in the nearest half a year. It will be my astrological research project.


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