The strange case of Moon and Earth, or Almost Lunar Eclipse

Picture P49

Earth’s Shadow Just Misses the Moon

There are several different ways to calculate eclipses, so some sources are listing August 18 event as a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. In fact, final calculations show that the Sun, Earth and Moon will be very closely aligned on this day but actually there will be no lunar eclipse, please have a look at the image. It is a very curious and unusual celestial case that may be conventionally called Almost Lunar Eclipse. Or may be Eclipse without Shadow, viewers on Earth will not be able to see the Earth’s shadow on the Moon. But the nearest Lunar Eclipse will be available for us 🙂 on September 16th, 2016. Source:


September 1 Solar Eclipse in USA

Solar Eclipse from Space

I did not plan to consider another place as a case with 19N Solar Eclipse but later I decided that just one chart is not enough to make a conclusion if the Saros cycle can work in our life or not…

But as I wrote recently in Astrology it is almost impossible to work with something unknown, if you don’t have some initial data. You can deal with ten objects in a chart but they will create… millions of various stories for you. Continue reading