September 1 Annular Solar Eclipse: 19N

Picture P44The question How long the solar eclipse impulse retains influence sounds strange for Astronomy but it is a point to ponder for astrologers. It has no single answer but the version that in Mundane Astrology each subsequent impulse to some extent closes down the previous one seems to me quite realistic. Following this version we are on the final stage of 18S Solar Eclipse named Finality

So, let’s summarize. From my point of view these events, among other significant events, describe the period 18S most vividly:

Leo DiCaprio finally won Oscar

Panama Papers Scandal has happened and shown us that in fact the real probability of any event in our material world is always 50%: something will happen or not (50/50)

… and…

UK is leaving the EU

Here the Finality we have and now we are moving to a new stage which will begin on September 1th, 2016 (a bit earlier, to be exactly) with 19N Solar Eclipse.

Have to say that astrologically 19N looks more intense. 18S pattern includes Jupiter (R) INC Venus while 19N has a complicated pattern with T–square: Venus OPP Jupiter = SQR Saturn and I interpret this impulse as Between True and False or Moment of the Truth.

From astrological point 19N is a necessary and logical step which helps to remove something useless and obsolete that cannot work in life anymore. Also this impulse can help to get rid of something that hinders to develop, or move to another level, or start a new cycle, but it might be very painful for weak and sensitive points. In the Saros cycle 19N is one of the transition and closing eclipses which can give severe impact, as an example, in Russia the last 19N coincided with 1998 financial crisis, one of most difficult economical collapses, also called the Russian flu.

I think for Astrology it does not matter if the Solar Eclipse is total or not and where it can be seen. The Saros cycle looks so orderly that it is just impossible to imagine that it is meaningless. I have an idea that in Mundane Astrology every Solar Eclipse plays a certain role in the development of the human society similar to a role which the personal Solar Return plays in Natal Astrology. Shortly speaking, at the moment of maximum eclipse the impulse fixes the positions of the planets showing a pattern something like a stamp of a story which will be developing during the nearest period until a new impulse gives a new story. This is just an astrological hypothesis but it would be interesting to try to explore if it can work or not… For a start we should create a potential chart.

…to be continued…


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