Predictive Astrology: Possibility or Fiction

Picture P43Speaking about Predictive Astrology it would be better to refer to Archetypes and their enormous role in our everyday life: we never think of them, nevertheless we are unconsciously basing on Archetypes in all our steps and thoughts. They are an inseparable part we could not exist without and disappearance of Archetypes would mean the total destruction of the way of thinking. Despite some skeptics say Predictive Astrology as a phenomenon of Archetypes works in a similar way and as immortal as Archetypes themselves 🙂 in the sense that Astrology exists as long as there is our life.

But it is always a hard work to try to analyze astrological charts to identify internal combinations that could really turn into events in our material world, and then try to understand what kind of events they may cause, sometimes it depends on a slightest detail.

Every day the Cosmos gives us thousands impulses but only a certain part of them will bring changes in our life while the other part will be simply lost or will be rejected by that we call “the freedom of choice”. So, you can guess it is not easy at all to predict which part of impulses will be really accepted.

Besides this we should take into account the fact that our everyday life is not born “out of nothing”, everything has a beginning. Any event in the life has a background: another event or a chain of events which could start many years ago but gradually lead us to this or that point.

Let’s study a simple situation.

You wake up in the morning and think about your breakfast. At first you decide to eat something hot, bacon and eggs would be a perfect choice, but you realize that you have no time for cooking… Then you think about your fridge but you are somehow not in the mood for yesterday’s sandwiches… Finally you decide to have a cup of coffee and catch up during your lunch… 

Therefore, to predict what you will have for lunch we should know what you had for breakfast and not only your final choice (the cup of coffee, in our case) but all unrealized options are desirable since in accordance with some hypotheses the unrealized thought-forms still exist and can change your mind and behavior accordingly (maybe you still wish bacon and eggs).

The same for Astrology: to predict a potential event we should understand the initial conditions and preferences in making decisions or making a choice… Alas! In most cases our knowledge or understanding of things is very very limited. We never know and will never know ALL details, all these tiny details that can unexpectedly occur at the most unexpected time and decisively affect an event. We may only guess…

PS But it is not quite right to finish with this despondent note… Well, my own experience says that by using our curiosity with permanent Search plus developing of Knowledge plus some Efforts it will be possible to achieve very satisfactory results in astrological (and not only) predictions.


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