“Mobilis in Mobile”

Picture P373000 – 5000 years ago (can you imagine…) skywatchers preferred to observe not planets but stars. During a human life in 70-80 years the stars are always in place while the planets are restlessly and endlessly moving from one point to another, almost like people 🙂

Modern Astrology usually describes the planets in motion as direct, indirect or retrograde and stationary (occasionally).

Besides this Astronomy explores the type of the motion, for example, there are two patterns in retrograde motion:

Picture P38


Picture P39


From astronomic point of view the pattern depends on where the Earth and a planet happen to be in their tilted racetrack orbits since the orbits that the Earth and the planets follow don’t quite lie in the same plane.

From astrological point of view it is logical to suppose that different types of the motion can give dissimilar astrological effects. Probably that yes, at least the loops in the space look more… tangled.


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