Celestial Performance with a total Conjunction in Pisces

Picture P34At the beginning of 16th century the European enlightened society was incredibly excited. A terrible event – Great Conjunction of all Planets – had been predicted and was supposed to happen in February 1524. And it was definitely not a flight of fantasy…

For a chart I took the 17th of February 1524, seems to me the heaven makes the biggest impression on that day.

Picture P35

17–February–1524, 11:30:01 UTC

I think it looks just enchanting for us but in those days people were frightened a lot. For the chart I used the “distant” planets as well, in my opinion it looks more interesting with them, though it is clear that in the middle ages people did not know about Pluto, Uranus and Neptune… But if they had known, it would have given them more reason to panic since, as we can see, Neptune was in the same wonderful company…

The anxiety grew rapidly also because of so called Theory of a Big Year which was very popular in those days. According to this theory when the God designed the universe he placed all the planets in the 1st degree of Aries from where they began to move… But the universe structure had been constructed with such a condition that sooner or later the planets would have met in some place again and their meeting meant the completion of a fixed cycle which was conventionally called One Big Year. Among medieval astrologers there was no consensus on what it happens when the Big Year is over. Some of them supposed that after the total conjunction the universe would get new features and continue to evolve on a fundamentally new level. But many people believed that the total conjunction meant not a new level but a destruction of the existing one and a further complete destruction of the whole cosmic mechanism. The total conjunction in Pisces had a horrifying sense since it was logical to presume if the beginning was in Aries then the end would be in Pisces. So, terrible disasters had been predicted against which Noah’s Flood was just a medium-sized storm.

What happened after:

Oooh, there was nothing special in February 1524… At least I did not find facts confirming a direct impact… But! But I think in any case it was a really powerful impulse. A perspective of a global collapse, obvious or imaginary, always shocks people’s minds and raises questions about the meaning of life, salvation of soul and future refuge. Interestingly, that the waiting of the doomsday actually coincided with the beginning of the Protestant movement in Europe (1517 – 1524) and the conjunction had preceded the Great Peasants Revolt (1524 – 1525), which became a part of the Protestant reformation process.

And by the way:

Considering this chart I wondered if there was somebody rather famous who was born in the days of the total conjunction 1524. And voila! Wikipedia says that Charles de Lorraine, a French Cardinal and a member of the powerful House of Guise, was born exactly 17–February–1524 (hope, there is no mistake in the chronology).

Of course, I am not sure about his time of birth but in any case (please see the chart above) so strong emphasis in Pisces means a rather difficult astrological pattern, for him it was not easy at all to manage with such kind of natal disposition. I will not retell his story; in case of interest I just recommend the short article to better understand so ambivalent person.



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