Celestial Performance with Moon

Picture P32I think the Cosmos loves showing us the fascinating pictures. Venus the Morning star together with Mars the Red star or mysterious comings of comets always look so impressive… Unlike what the medieval astrologers believed the simple manifestations don’t bring troubles, at least because normally one aspect cannot totally destroy our life. From the astrological point of view a significant event always needs a powerful environment.

As I wrote recently


this year began with so called Parade of Planets. It is a magic phenomena, not so rare and quite harmless if the planets evenly distribute into the signs. But the troubles may arise if the design has got some features.

Let’s study another Parade of Planets

Picture P33

26–December–2004, 00:58:53 UTC (07:58:53 LT), Medan, Indonesia  

Of course, the main feature which catches the eye is a big conjunction in Sagittarius, it looks very intense.

Pluto = Mercury / Venus = Mars

indicate an enormous Group activity, probably a revolution.

But in my opinion, the key points which could activate so serious consequences were not only the planets but the Moon and the Nodes. This event happened at that moment when the degrees of the Moon and the Nodes coincided. So, I wouldn’t say that it was just a Parade of Planets…

What happened after:



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