Archetypes in Solar Eclipses: Crab, Leo, Virgo

Picture P27Some ideas about the Saros cycle 🙂 in fact, there are lots of its interpretations, some of them give impressive multi calculations but according to my experience most relevant ideas and solutions are simple, clear and in front of our eyes. Manifestation of Archetypes seems to me a very interesting feature of the Saros cycle.

As I wrote, each series of the cycle has its own pattern or individual positions of planets at the moment of this series birth. Further, the series appears at different times and places but strictly with the same pattern. Let’s see how the first eclipse 1N looks like in about last 100 years, years and degrees of the appearance are indicated as

1927    07° Crab

1945    17° Crab

1963    27° Crab

1981    08° Leo

1999    18° Leo

2017    28° Leo

2035    09° Virgo

As we can see, the cycle begins three times in the same sign with a gradual displacement in 10°, and then it moves to the next sign.

Ancient scientists believed that “three” is a number of an immaterial world; the main sense of “three” is to put together Power Resource Idea. Within the frame of a material world the triple appearance could probably mean something like Power Resources/ActionsIdea/Avatar. In other words, it’s logical to suppose that the first appearance in a certain sign gives us the power of Archetype, the Archetype starts developing, comes to a peak (or midpoint) in the second cycle, then it gradually loses power and the third cycle completes the sign manifestation.

Here it’s important to note that Archetype doesn’t mean that this or that event will happen or not. Unfortunately, in our material world conflicts, contradictions and, for this reason, wars and disasters (interestingly that this word “dis-a-star” literally means “separation from stars”) are an integral part of materiality in principle. But Archetype affects the mentality of people imposing appropriate behavior characteristics and reactions.

If we consider from this point the period which started in 1981 in Leo and where we will stay until 2035, we could define the acting Archetype manifestation as Consuming:

1981    08° Leo: Age of Consuming – Goods and Services, the consumption begins to grow

1999    18° Leo: Age of Consuming – Banks and Money rule; the global financial crisis 2008 coincided with the period of 10S solar eclipse – the midpoint which I conditionally name Point of Transition

2017    28° Leo: Age of Consuming – Fixation and Closing

In this period Leo manifests in the most typical form: with ambitions to dominate through the money relations, with a strong desire to feel free with money and spend them as much as possible (that now we define as an investment process). And of course, we cannot ignore the global tendency to all bright, shining and super–: superstars, supermodels, different kind of shows, fashion, villas, expensive cars… etc. All these well-known Leo features we have met in our everyday life at least for the last two decades.

The case with the previous cycles which developed in Crab seems to me more complicated. Taking into account the Great Depression in the U.S, Stalinism in Russia, the World War II and the Cold War in completing, I would define the Archetype manifestation as Confrontation and Contradistinction and would say that in many of those terrible events people behaved like quite typical Crab: with a low resistance under difficult circumstances, with a desire not to solve but just to leave problem situations and with a great need to be in a safe isolation. But in family relations Crab looked more sensitive and stable.

As to the future period, 1N solar eclipse 2035 will enable us to test the impact of Virgo. Now it’s difficult to predict how it will run in our life but no doubt that the structure of our society will pass through significant changes. The modern bureaucracy began to form during the period of Crab, actually from the first cycle in 1927, at the beginning it was something like a “refuge” since most of all Crab needs its own ‘shell”. Later, for Leo it was a kind of “pride” – the United Nations, lots of international funds and committees, commercial and non-commercial… etc. But for Virgo all this power structure means nothing.

Virgo is a pretty “ascetic” sign in the sense that it doesn’t like pomposity but can give a lot without claims in return. It’s almost always involved in a persistent process which I would name Service to others, though ancient astrologers would say Work or even Slavery but I hope we won’t come to some extreme.

I definitely believe that during the period of Virgo people will find a new approach to the group management. Virgo praises not beautiful words but real work. Those, who are able not just to promise a random solution for a current problem but create new ideas and achieve new levels, will win and it will give them a chance to manage not only their ideas but actually lead groups… We will follow reticent Virgo remembering about amazing Leo 🙂


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