We are in search of the Age of Aquarius

Picture P26Traditionally, the days of the second half of March and September, even if the weather is fine, bring us some decrease in activity and mood disorder. Mostly it’s connected with the moment of equinox when the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator. The only difference between March and September is that in spring we are in anticipation of a warm summer while in autumn we are in front of the shortest day of the year which is often perceived as a depressive victory of the Darkness over the Light. Continue reading


Archetypes in Solar Eclipses: Crab, Leo, Virgo

Picture P27Some ideas about the Saros cycle 🙂 in fact, there are lots of its interpretations, some of them give impressive multi calculations but according to my experience most relevant ideas and solutions are simple, clear and in front of our eyes. Manifestation of Archetypes seems to me a very interesting feature of the Saros cycle.

As I wrote, each series of the cycle has its own pattern or individual positions of planets at the moment of this series birth. Further, the series appears at different times and places but strictly with the same pattern. Let’s see how the first eclipse 1N looks like in about last 100 years, years and degrees of the appearance are indicated as Continue reading