March 9 Total Solar Eclipse: 18S

A solar eclipse that lasts maybe only a minute (eight minutes maximum) in every location on its path is able to significantly change your life; I confirm this with full responsibility based on my own experience 🙂 The Saros cycle means something very special for me. Actually it was the first step of my travel in Astrology and an initial idea when I decided to write my first post about solar and lunar eclipses that occur strictly in a sequence, this sequence is integrated into a cycle and when one cycle is over, the chain of the same series repeats in the same sequence, this phenomenon is known as the Saros cycle.

If the concept of Research is acceptable for Astrology, I would say I have been doing some research process. I consider each solar eclipse as an independent and powerful impulse which stimulates our vitality. At the same time I consider each cycle as a specific Theme (or Archetype) which develops by these solar impulses (series). In my research I try to collect relevant info and analyze a connection Impulse → Events and I’m very impressed how many conforming combinations I have met.

The Theme (Archetype) depends on a sign where the first Saros series 1N takes place. Each Saros cycle begins with 1N, it’s a rather dramatic impulse, the pattern includes

Jupiter OPP Pluto = Uranus/Node

Mars SQR = Moon/Neptune

To more clearly understand I give a “name” to each series and I would define this impulse as Eventusually unexpectedaffecting Groups. I would like to note that in my opinion the Saros cycle primary works not with individuals but with Groups.

During the period of 1N eclipse it happened, for example: the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, and by the way, the beginning of the reign of the Russian president Vladimir Putin in 1999. In my opinion, the pattern 1N creates something new in our reality similar to a new stage or a new environment. Something happens and we cannot remain as we used to be. As I wrote recently the next 1N will open a new cycle in 2017, August 21.

As to the coming eclipse 18S which will take place in March it’s a rather old series started in 1096 and one of the last eclipses in the current cycle. The pattern includes Jupiter (R) INC Venus and I interpret this as Finality. In my opinion, 18S is neutral by its nature and mainly shows that something in our life comes to an end… So, if it makes an aspect in your chat you may solve an old problem (in your favor or not it depends on a kind of this aspect) or, for example, plan to leave your company for a new job. The period 18S is more suitable for summing the results with the main idea that whether we like it or not but something is over and little by little we are preparing for a new challenge.


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