One embarrassing question: What is Astrology now

Picture P26There is nothing permanent in this world, and Astrology seems to be a very good example: it was a part of Religion in the Age of Taurus, a part of Philosophy in the Age of Aries. Timid attempts to keep Astrology in the mainstream as a part of Science in the Age of Pisces completely failed… Probably because Astrology is not a science from that point as we understand our science.

Supporters of the version of its scientific nature tried to explain that Astrology bases on a long-term research of celestial bodies in the motion and uses precise mathematical calculations. This would be persuasive but the modern science is very proud to be based on objective facts and tends to reject everything if cannot touch by hand, or see in a telescope or extract from the Hadron Collider… In the Age of Pisces people have spent such incredible efforts to make conscious processes predominating so that the result is quite obvious.

But interestingly that in the 20th century there was one actually official part of science which tried to offer Astrology a kind of partnership. Carl Jung, a father of analytical psychology, wrote about Astrology in some of his works and defined it as a psychological phenomenon. This is fair enough if we take into account that both Astrology and Psychology strongly link with Archetypes. As a result of contacts between them a new part, so called Sun sign Astrology, was revealed to us.

How does Astrology look like in the coming Age of “connections and information”? In the new stage I would like to introduce Astrology as a language which Cosmos uses to speak to us.


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