March 9 Total Solar Eclipse: 18S

A solar eclipse that lasts maybe only a minute (eight minutes maximum) in every location on its path is able to significantly change your life; I confirm this with full responsibility based on my own experience 🙂 The Saros cycle means something very special for me. Continue reading


One embarrassing question: What is Astrology now

Picture P26There is nothing permanent in this world, and Astrology seems to be a very good example: it was a part of Religion in the Age of Taurus, a part of Philosophy in the Age of Aries. Timid attempts to keep Astrology in the mainstream as a part of Science in the Age of Pisces completely failed… Probably because Astrology is not a science from that point as we understand our science. Continue reading

How 2016 has begun

Picture P30So called Parade of planets is truly one of most beautiful celestial comings which we can ever see from our planet in the predawn sky.

The current one consists of five planets at once with a wide arc of approximately 110°. It seems to come to the end quite easily but the previous one in December 2004 wasn’t so romantic since it coincided with the strongest earthquake in Southeast Asia which generated an enormous tsunami that crashed into the coastal areas of a number of countries  Continue reading