Let us keep Christmas still a shining thing…

Picture P18While fireworks only last short minutes here on Earth, a bundle of cosmic sparklers of nearby stars will be going off for thousands of years.

Today we see the universe as a mix of quasars, clusters of galaxies, clouds of the “dark matter” and huge areas of the void that make the entire structure similar to a giant sponge with lots of internal tunnels. Since the light needs time to reach us from any remote location (even with the speed of 186 000 miles per second), the farther our view extends, the more distant past we can see. Actually the universe is just a snapshot of various moments of the cosmos history. Galaxies float in the darkness and each one sends us a picture from their time.

The background of these pictures is clouded by the radiance which was emitted in about two-three minutes after the Big Bang, perhaps it took place 10 to 20 billion years ago and the physical parameters allow us to describe what happened in the universe after 20-35 seconds of its existence: the membrane Space – Time froze and formed a structure suitable for the development of what we call Life.

Wish our Life more Joy and Happiness in the coming Year!


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