Harmony in Heavens, Separation on Earth

Picture P23Well, it is a real conundrum, I mean my decision to write in English… Probably my English is enough for short memos, even I suppose it is not bad to compile a simple dictionary. But it definitely seems to be very poor to talk about Mars, Venus or any other planet: what we know about them and what the sense of their being… Any attempts to describe look insipid and boring, so is it worth giving a try?

Due to the main feature of my approach the process of writing is getting more complicated… I do not separate Astrology vs Astronomy, and not only because Astrology and Astronomy have common roots. For thousands of years the desire to develop astrological comprehension was one of the main motivations for astronomical observations and theories. Every place on the Earth, every human being in the universe has some relation to Astrology, Johannes Kepler, a greatest German astronomer, wrote about it in his Harmonies of the World:

“The soul of the newly born is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world, unconsciously remembers it, and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind….”

Astrology, as the oldest of all the sciences (perhaps with one exception – Medicine), continued to be part of mainstream at least until the late of 1600s and nobody disputed on this point. Alas, things never stay the same; the situation was changed rapidly when Isaak Newton demonstrated some of the physical processes by which celestial bodies affect each other. Since then we know a completely separate field Astronomy where predictions about celestial phenomena are made and tested by using the scientific (huh…) methods. Like so we grow modern Astronomy that explores the universe and the contents outside of the Earth, it explains the positions, motions and properties of celestial bodies. Astrology still exists and attempts to study how those positions, motions and properties affect people and events here on the Earth, but in contrast, in most cases Astrology is now regarded just as a pastime though lots of people around the world invoke advices from astrologers.

In fact, the situation is rather strange and looks like now we have an official speaker to get answers to the questions: What, Where, When and, sometimes, How. But with this huge amount of information our experience shows us that it is not enough, and we still need and look for an answer to the only question: Why… Why we are here and why something happens to us, why we become participants in these or those events and why we go through the ups and downs… Despite of all astronomers say I cannot imagine that in the future people will stop asking this eternal Why and thinking about stars as about forces that can give us the sense. When we are looking at the stars and making a wish we just would like to feel united with our universe…

Picture P31Interesting astronomic detail to this picture: the highly eccentric orbit of the dwarf planet Pluto brings Pluto inside Neptune’s orbit for a 20-year period out of every 248 Earth years and because of this moving Pluto becomes closer to the Sun than Neptune. But a sky accident will never happen, Pluto will never crash into Neptune, because for every three laps Neptune takes around the Sun, Pluto makes only two, and this repeating pattern prevents close approaches of the two bodies. Isn’t it an astounding fact confirming how carefully the universe has been designed?


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