Christmas gift: how the Moon will appear on Christmas, 2015

Picture P19Not since 1977 has a full moon dawned in the skies on Christmas, but this year a bright full moon will be an added gift for the holidays.

December’s full moon, the last of the year, is called the Full Cold Moon because it occurs during the beginning of winter. This rare event won’t happen again until 2034, that’s a long time to wait, so make sure to look up to the skies on Christmas Day. Continue reading


Harmony in Heavens, Separation on Earth

Picture P23Well, it is a real conundrum, I mean my decision to write in English… Probably my English is enough for short memos, even I suppose it is not bad to compile a simple dictionary. But it definitely seems to be very poor to talk about Mars, Venus or any other planet: what we know about them and what the sense of their being… Any attempts to describe look insipid and boring, so is it worth giving a try? Continue reading