super VUCA world

Picture P16Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts says:

…I don’t buy into all this recession talk. I do not think we are in a recessionary environment, but we do have too many recessionary leaders. To win today we need to change our language…

…We don’t just live in a VUCA world – a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world – we live in a super VUCA world…

…We live in a vibrant world where people are connecting to each other and to brands across the world with no money involved. The world is vibrant, crackling, happening and unreal because we can do anything. Technology has liberated us, and anyone is free to implement and share ideas. True creativity does not thrive in a staid, structured environment, but with a sense of craziness, a willingness to do something unexpected and outlandish. And our world is astounding, because the rate of change is so quick, and power resides with the people, not with corporations, brands or governments…

…Strategy is dead. Who really knows that is going to happen anymore in this super VUCA world? The more time and money you spend devising strategies the more time you are giving your rivals to start eating your lunch…

…Management is also dead. To win today you need a culture and an environment where the unreasonable power of creativity thrives. Ideas are today’s currency, not strategy. Martin Luther King did not say ‘I have a vision statement’, did he? He had a dream. You have to make sure you have dreams…

…Nothing is new anymore. People want things now, and there is no desire for balance or moderation. Corporations so often move incredibly slowly, with numerous meetings, changes of plan, and more meetings. People moves far quicker than corporations. People do not want to be manipulated, and they do not need more information; rather they want to participate. Companies thus need a change of approach, they must create a movement, inspiring people and compelling them to get involved…

…People want to be part of a dream, and so leaders must focus on communicating with their emotions. Rational thinking leads to debate, analysis and meetings, while emotional thinking leads to actions. A simple way of knowing whether something will be a success is to ask the following: Do I want to experience it again? Do I want to share it? Do I want to improve it, put my own stamp on it? 

…Creative leaders do not need big ideas, rather they need lots of ideas. Nurture a constant stream of ideas, and see which one takes off, leaders must learn quickly, be insightful, and fix problems instantly. Another key to creativity is reframing constantly – Get moving!


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